Sofia Sapega Roman Protasevich Girlfriend Age, Arrested And Wikipedia

Who Is Sofia Sapega? Why Was Roman Protasevich Girlfriend Arrested?

Who Is Sofia Sapega? Why Was Roman Protasevich Girlfriend Arrested?

Sofia Sapega was arrested in Belarus with her boyfriend Roman Protasevich. Check out the details and updates.

Sofia is a Russian student. Besides, she is known for being the girlfriend of the blogger Roman Protasevich.

Sofia Sapega: Roman Protasevich Girlfriend

Sofia Sapega is Roman Protasevich‘s girlfriend.

However, it is unknown when the two started dating each other.

Roman is a Belarusian blogger. He was the co-founder and editor of Nexta, a Poland-based online news service.

Nexta had broadcast the footage of mass anti-government demonstrations in Belarus last year. Thus, Roman had fled to Poland in 2019. In fact, he was in a fear of being arrested.

Similarly, Belarus had started an inquiry against Roman and the other co-founder of Nexta in late 2020. They were alleged of disturbing social order and giving birth to hatred.

Why was Sofia Sapega Arrested?

Sofia Sapega was arrested with her boyfriend Roman in Belarus.

In fact, they were on a plane that was flying from Greece to Lithuania on Sunday. However, the plane was unexpectedly diverted to the capital of Belarus, Minsk.

Sofia’s detention was confirmed by her family. Also, the European Humanities University had released a statement saying their student was detained by the Administration of the Investigative Committee.

Also, they claimed the authorities were holding her for made-up conditions. Similarly, they started to protest against the unjustified detention of their member.

As a matter of fact, Sofia and her boyfriend Roman were on a vacation in Greece together. Roman was taken into custody as soon as the plane landed in Minsk. 

Besides, the authorities have not released any updates about their situation.

Sofia Sapega Age and Wikipedia

About Sofia Sapega’s age, she is 23 years old.

Besides, her boyfriend Roman is 26 years old.

Actually, Sofia is a Russian citizen as stated by EHU. She studies at the European Humanities University at the Master’s level.

To point out, Sapega was on her way to Vilnius to defend her Master’s thesis. In fact, she was about to graduate from her five-year course at the university.

Sofia Sapega Net Worth: Meet her on Instagram

There is no detail regarding Sofia’s net worth.

Sapega is on Instagram as @sapega_sofia_. She has around 589 followers on the platform.

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