Somaddysmith Tiktok Age Real Name Net Worth, Instagram And Bio

Somaddysmith Age: Meet The Tiktok Star On Instagram

Somaddysmith Age: Meet The Tiktok Star On Instagram

Somaddysmith is a Tiktok star who has enjoyed her comedy and helped her earn the fame. She is splendid in her work.

The Female Tiktok star has earned a huge number of followers on most of her social media platforms. 

Who is Somaddysmith on Tiktok?

Somaddysmith is a popular name in Tiktok, Instagram. 

Her real name is Maddy Smith. 

She is 28 years old, and stand-up comedian from New York. 

She hosts podcasts which are titled as “That time of the WEEK with Maddy Smith” which airs on Monday.  Similarly, she puts her video every Sunday on patreon. 

She is quirky and excellent in her jokes. 


What did Somaddysmith do before?

Maddy Smith was working at an asset management firm before joining the entertainment buzz. 

Smith quit her office job after working for three years. She felt hectic while working on a 9am to-5pm job.

She couldn’t give time for her comedy, and that was one of the main reasons she left the job.

She feels a comedy gig is more important to her than receiving paychecks every month. 

Somaddysmith Net worth

Maddy Smith net worth has not been disclosed. 

She is mostly active in her social media platforms, and an entertainer in her Tiktok, which considerably makes her a wealthy female Tiktok star for the millenials. 

Somaddysmith; Social Media Influnencer 

Before entering into Tiktoks, she was an active comedian. 

Smith later developed interest in Tiktoks, and worked on developing online portfolio clips, writing pilots, and making her content ready to flow. 

She is working hard to earn huge followers and entertain them in all possible means. 

Smith’s content of work is influential towards the millenials, and many people could relate with her plot. 

Smith is a true inspiration when it comes to Social Media. She is not only active on Tiktoks, and Instagram, but she even posts on her Twitter. Viewers are also able to be notified through her Twitter accounts about her new videos, and podcasts. 

Somaddysmith is entertaining people with not just daily doses of comedies, but her content is very open towards important topics like sexual harassment, mental health, life problems, Covid-19 pandemic, which are all related to daily content of every person’s life. 


She is a true star, and a phenomenal entertainer therefore she is known to be an excellent social media influencer.

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