Sophie Brussaux Adonis Graham Mom Age, Net Worth And Instagram

Who Is Sophie Brussaux? Everything On Adonis Graham Mother

Who Is Sophie Brussaux? Everything On Adonis Graham Mother

Sophie Brussaux age is 31 years old who is acknowledged as the baby mama of rapper Drake. Here is Everything on her Net Worth and Instagram. 

Sophie is the mother of a 3-year-old son, Aldonis Graham, whose father is the famous rapper Drake. 

Sophie Brussaux: Age and Bio

Sophie Brussaux was born on August 1, 1989. Currently, her age is 31 years old. 

She hails from Bordeaux, France. 

Sophie is a former model and famous French painter. Her stage name was Rosee Divine. 

Further, Brussaux got her popularity after she claimed to be pregnant with Drake’s baby. In 2017, the couple met in New York and exchanged their contact details. Sophie was working as a model when the two met in New York. 

In October 2017, Drake and Sophie became blessed parents of Adonis Graham. 

Currently, Adonis lives with his mother, and the couple is taking good care of their son in bringing him up. 

Sophie also serves as the founder and artistic director of Arts Help, a nonprofit organization that offers free masterclasses with large institutions.

The main purpose of this organization is to develop pieces for social change and publish content from artists of all disciplines on all platforms. 

In addition, her progressive work in the art field got her an award.

In May 2019, UN-Habitat Global Advocated awarded Brussaux and her entire Arts Help team for their collaborative “Icons With a Purpose” exhibition at the Toronto Design Exchange Museum. 

How Much Is Sophie Brussax Net Worth?

Sophie Brussax estimated net worth is around $1 million.

At the moment, she is focused on her art-related projects, showcasing her paintings and prints on her website. 

She is a self-established painter, and most of her earnings come through her exquisite paintings. 

Most of her paintings are famous people like Malala Yousafzai, Angelina Jolie, His Holiness Pope Francis, etc.

Meet Her on Instagram

Sophie Brussaux is an active user on Instagram.

She has 573k followers, which is a considerable number, and her account is verified. 

Most of her IG feeds are about her paintings, travel, and photos of her son. 

Likewise, Sophie received a shoutout message on May 9, 2021, from Drake on the occasion of Mother’s Day, where he wrote, “Happy Mother’s Day, big mama.”

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