Stacey Martin Age Husband Instagram And Family

Who Is Stacey Martin From Bake Off Professional? Age Husband And Family

Who Is Stacey Martin From Bake Off Professional? Age Husband And Family

What is Stacey Martin Age? She and her partner became the first team to be eliminated from the  Bake Off Professional.

The pair have been out in the first episode. Many views and fans were disappointed by seeing Stacey be eliminated this soon in the competition.

Stacey, with her partner Alex Harrison, got eliminated in the first episode.

They both worked as lecturers in The College of West Anglia.

Each episode has Two challenges for the teams. 

The first challenge was a time-based challenge for 3 and half hours.

The team had to produce Tarte Piemontaise and the Jaffa Cake, two different types of miniature classics. 

The second challenge was to make a Strawberry and Cream-inspired dessert.

Bake Off: The Professionals is a British Television Show on Channel 4.

Its first season was aired on BBC Two on 29th March 2016.  Bake Off was aired on BBC Two for two years (2016-2017).

Later on, the 2018 Bake Off: The Professionals 3rd season was aired on Channel 4.

Stacey Martin Age

Stacey Martin Age is yet to be known. 

She hasn’t revealed much about her in public.

Stacey looks around 38 years old; her actual age is still a mystery.

Stacey Martin Family: Who is her Husband?

Stacey Martin was interested in Baking from the age of 4.

She used to spend most of her tie in kItchen with her mother.

Before working in kitchens and making pastry, Stacey used to work in the hospitality industry at FOH positions.

At the interview with Channel 4, Stacey was asked if Alex Harrison is her husband.

They were work buddies and had been working at The College of West Anglia.

Find Her on Instagram

Stacey’s Instagram is not available.

The baker is not on any social media platform.

Her information is less to be known due to her inactive in Social media.

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