Stacey Wilburn Partner Age, Wikipedia And Net Worth: Stack And Mel

Is Stack And Mel Stacey Wilburn Married? Meet Her Partner

Is Stack And Mel Stacey Wilburn Married? Meet Her Partner

Wondering who Stacey Willburn’s partner is? Stacey is in a relationship with Ryan Gill for a long time.

Learn every possible thing about Stacey Willburn and her husband Ryan Gill in the article given below. 

Stacey Willburn is a rodeo. She is married to Ryan Gill, who was also a professional rodeo and a champion bull rider.

They are together almost for a decade. 

Stacey Willburn and her Partners age

Stacey Willburn is now 31 years old. She was born in 1990. Further details about her birthday are not available to this date.

Talking about her husband, he is also 31 years old.

They both had started to compete in rodeo at the mere age of 16.

Stacey Willburn Wikipedia and Net Worth

We cannot find Stacey’s information neither her partner’s on Wikipedia. 

She is originally from Victoria. Now, she resides in New South Wales with her husband and family.

They both are rodeo. We better call them cowboy and cowgirl.

Her partner, Ryan Gill, is a champion bull rider. He was competing in rodeo at the age of 16. 

An article published in The Leader in 2006 had elaborated on Ryan as a future of rodeo. However, we cannot see Ryan nowadays competing in rodeo.

Stacey has won several championships. She has also appeared in the tv show Travel Guides. As per the Naomi Valley Independent, she is coming back in season 4 of Travel Guides. 

Their net worth is not mentioned yet. We assume that they earn millions.

Stacey Willburn and Ryan Gill’s family

Stacey and Ryan are married for almost a decade. There is no valid information about this but, according to Stacey’s Facebook info, they are together since 2013.

Stacey has a twin sister Melissa Willburn. She is also a rodeo. They both are known as Stack and Mel in the pitch.

Talking about Ryan, he is the son of rodeo stalwart Peter Gill and Karen Gill.

Stacey and Ryan have two sons, Royce and Wyatt. Royce is already competing in rodeo.

Meet Them on Instagram

Their Instagram accounts are private. However, Stacey has a public account named @stackandmel  with about 10k followers.


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