Stateless Season 1 Netflix Cast, Release Date, Plot, and Review Explained

Stateless Season 1 Netflix Cast, Release Date, Plot, and Review Explained
Stateless Season 1 Netflix Cast, Release Date, Plot, and Review Explained

Stateless is a fresh Netflix drama portraying the story of 4 people from different walks of life and how their lives intertwine inside of an immigration center in Australia.

The show focuses on refugees and immigration into the land down under and the different struggles that immigrants face while trying to find a better life.

The series, which will be coming to Netflix in early July, has a stellar cast which includes seasoned veterans along with a few new talents.

When Is The Release Date Of Stateless?

Stateless first aired on Australian networks on 1 March 2020. The show was originally released on the ABC network. 

In similar fashion, the show will come to Netflix on July 8, 2020. 

Pot And Premise

The central premise of the show is based on real events in the life of Cornelia Rau. She was a permanent resident of Australia who was originally a German citizen. 

She was wrongfully detained as an illegal immigrant in Australia in 2004. Rau was placed in the Brisbane Women’s Correctional Centre and Baxter Detention Centre for a period of over ten months, after the Department of Immigration and Multicultural and Indigenous Affairs illegal, and wrong decision to classify her as an illegal immigrant.  

The on-screen counterpart to Rau is the character of Sofie Werner, whose life intersects the lives of 3 other immigrants at the detention center. 

Rau was also a member of the cult Kenja, she joined the group in 1998. Members of the cult had to give huge chunks of their earnings to the cult and they were also forced to tell their darkest secrets to the higher-us of the cult who would blackmail them if they tried to leave. 

In the show, Werner is also trying to escape from the clutches of the cult and finds herself going through the paces of the Australian immigration system. 

Werner’s life is intertwined with an Afghan refugee, Ameer, trying to escape his war-torn home and find a new life for his family, a father stuck at a dead-end and menial job, and Claire, a member of the government top brass who is a hair’s length close to becoming the center of a national scandal. 

The series follows Sofie as she transfers from the cult to the prison system, her mental health also slowly deteriorates as the series progresses due to what cult members Gordon and Pat Masters did to her. 


One of the biggest names on the show is Two Time Oscar-winning Australian actress Cate Blanchett. She plays the role of Pat Masters, the eccentric and dark cult leader who plays a pivotal role in the lead character’s life. 

The lead character of Sofie Werner is played by Yvonne Strahovski, whose emotional delivery is sure to pull on heartstrings. Ameer, the Afghan refugee, is portrayed by Fayssal Bazzi.

Asher Keddie depicts Claire Kowitz, the general manager of the detention center and a bureaucrat. This character comes into the facility to be shocked at the amount of dysfunction within it. 

Jai Courtney is playing the role of Cam Sandford, who is morally haunted and conflicted. 

The role of Margot, who finds out where Werner is illegally held, is portrayed by Marta Dusseldorp. 

Some other actors on the show include Rachel House, Claude Jabbour, etc. 

Ratings And Audience Reception

Stateless has received great reviews globally, IMDb has rated the shoe 7/10 overall while each individual episode of the show has been rated at least 7.9/10. 

Likewise, the series has garnered more than 88% on Rotten Tomatoes, and a decent 8.2/10 on the Rating Graph. 

Trailers And Teasers 

The original trailer for the show came out on 14 January 2020 and was uploaded by the series’ original network ‘ABC TV & iview’. 

Netflix released the trailer for the show on 24 June 2020. 

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