Stella Tennant Daughter Age, Instagram And Siblings

Jasmine Lasnet: Stella Tennant Daughter Age And 10 Facts

Jasmine Lasnet: Stella Tennant Daughter Age And 10 Facts

Jasmine Lasnet is the daughter of the celebrated British supermodel ‘Stella Tennant’. Her mother, ‘Stella Tennant’ passed away on December 22 leaving everything behind. She is in the phase of immense sadness after the death of her mother who she considered her inspiration.

She does not have much of her information revealed on the online platform. However, she is a beautiful girl who loved her mother more than anything. She has not spoken on the cause of the death of her mother. Below are 10 facts about Jasmine Lasnet that you should know.

Name Jasmine Lasnet
Birthday 2003
Age 17
Gender Female
Nationality British
Parents Stella Tennant, David Lasnet
Siblings 3
Married/Single Single

10 Facts About Jasmine Lasnet

  1. Jasmine Lasnet is the daughter of one of the famous models ‘Stella Tennant’ who passed away on December 22 according to the news by BBC.
  2. Furthermore, the death of Jasmine Lasnet mother was sudden and she just turned 50 years old before she died.
  3. Jasmine Lasnet including her family said that Stella was an inspiration to us all and a wonderful woman. She will be greatly missed.
  4. Moreover, the police investing in Stella Tennant’s death case revealed that there were no suspicious circumstances involved.
  5. How old is Jasmine Lasnet? Jasmine Lasnet was born in the year 2003. Her current age is 17 years old as of 2020. The details of her birthday are not known.
  6. Stella Tennant Daughter, Jasmine Lasnet has 3 siblings Marcel Lasnet, Cecily Lasnet, and Iris Lasnet.
  7. Similarly, Jasmine Lasnet is not on the social media platform including the Instagram and Twitter platforms.
  8. Moreover, Jasmine Lasnet was born to her parents David Lsnet (Father) who is a French photographer, and Stella Tennant (Mother).
  9. Furthermore, Jasmine Lasnet has a perfect height and an average body weight. She has fewer photos of her on the Internet.
  10. Lastly, Jasmine Lasnet grandparents are  Lady Emma Tennant and Toby Tennant. She also has an aunt named ‘ Issy Tennant’.

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