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Steve Letourneau

Steve Letourneau

Steve Letourneau is the ex husband of Mary Kay Letourneau. Mary Kay was the high school teacher who had sexual relationship with her 12 year old student. She was around 34 years old at the time. 

Unfortunately, Mary was reported dead in her home on July 8, 2020. She has been fighting with cancer for the latter part of her life. Despite her reputation, it is really a sad and unfortunate news. 

Name Steve Letourneau
Age 60s
Gender Male
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Married/Single Divorced
Children 6

10 Facts on Steve Letourneau

  1. Steve Letourneau is the ex husband of Mary Kay Letourneau. Mary was a high school teacher who got sexually involved with a 12 year old student. 
  2. She was married to Steve when the incident happened and had four children with him. According to her, both of them were having extra marital affairs. 
  3. As for Steve’s net worth, the information is not available at the moment. However, he makes enough money for his family. 
  4. Moreover, he seems to be in his 60s. But the exact date fo his birth and age are not yet disclosed. 
  5. Steve works for the Alaskan Airlines for the last 30 years. His job is not exactly known but the employer is Alaskan Airlines. 
  6. Steve came into spotloght when his wife was involved in the infamous incident back in 1997. She went to jail for raping a minor. 
  7. Steve was still her husband when the incident happened. The couple shared four kids with each other. They did have their issues though. 
  8. Their kids are Mary Claire, Jacquline, Nicholas and Steven Jr. The children seem to have moved on from the disastraous past to a self made bright future. 
  9. Steve, however, went to marry twice after the incident. He has other two children with his second ex wife, Kelly Chavin. 
  10. As of 2020, Steve has moved on from the events and is currently residing in Alaska. However, he hasn’t spoken anything on his ex wife’s death yet. 

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