Steven Moore Antiques Partner And Wife: Is He Married?

Is Steven Moore From Antiques Roadshow Married? Meet His Partner Wife

Is Steven Moore From Antiques Roadshow Married? Meet His Partner Wife

See if Steven Moore has a partner or wife. Is He Married? Although he has not addressed anything on his hit show. 

Steven, aka Steve Moore, is an expert from BBC Antiques Roadshow. A well knows figure is a TV who has two-decade experience in the field. 

The veteran antique expert has constantly been sharing his experience on the show. Here are things we know about his family and wife.

Steven Moore Wife: Is He Married?

Steven Moore is happily married to his wife.

However, the antique expert has not gone public about his partner until today.

Moore is also a father to adult children in a beautiful family. But none of their identities have been disclosed on the web.

Who Is Steven Moore? Wikipedia

Steve Moore does not have a Wikipedia page on his name.

However, he has made his name as a highly respected figure in the world of Antiques.

He is a well-known Antiques Dealer, Auctioneer, and Museum Curator. Moreover, an Author and savant of antiques.

Previously, he has worked as a consultant editor to Miller Publications. 

The auctioneer was keen on collecting from his very young age. He learned about ceramics and clay from his father. 

At the age of 16, he took part in his first exhibition at Newcastle’s Laing Art Gallery. The antique Expert has a degree in archaeologist. 

Steven joined Antiques Roadhouse in the year 2004, and his favorite discovery is a sculpture by Danish artist Jais Nielsen.

As of now, his most notable moment from the Roadshow is when he took a bottle of Scotch whisky containing a dead mouse.

His Net Worth Revealed

Steven Moore has a net worth in the millions of dollars.

As an antique expert and dealer, he earns a pretty good sum of money following the auction.

Moreover, by trade Moore is a Creative Director at the Burleigh Pottery.

His pottery shop is located in Stoke-on-Trent, while their online shop is also very responsive.

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