Story: Gakirah Barnes Body – Her Mother Age And Birthday

Garkirah Barnes grief story resulted in huge anger on social media. Who is her mother? Her name is Shontell Brown. Read the article to know about the story and body. 

Gakirah Barnes whom went by the nickname ‘K.I.” was a gang member from Tooka Gang in Chicago. 

She went from being a shy happy child with straight A’s on her report card to a notorious hitter for a Chicago gang. 

As Barnes entered her teens, she fell in with a group of young men in her South Side neighborhood of Woodlawn who called themselves the St. Lawrence Boys or the Fly Boy Gang.

Story: Gakirah Barnes Body

Garkirah Barnes aka K.I was murdered on April 11 after she was shot multiple times around 3:30 p.m. in the 6400 block of South Eberhart Avenue, Fox 32 reports.

She was shot as many as nine times, suffering gunshot wounds to the chest, jaw, and neck, according to NBC Chicago.

K.I. was instead taken 13 miles away to Northwestern Memorial Hospital in critical condition. She was pronounced dead at 5:43 p.m., according to

Further, Barnes experienced tragedy nearly two years ago with the loss of her brother Tyquan Tyler.

Tyquan, 13, was an innocent bystander and was hit in the chest and died in his mother’s arms less than two hours later.

Who Is Her Mother?

Her mother’s name is Shontell Brown. 

Barnes’s mother spoke in grief about her daughter with NBC Chicago and shared her memories.

To her mother, Barnes was a funny and sweet charter graduate who loved music and ‘was liked by everyone’.

Moreover, Barnes lived with her mother whom described her as a sweet loving girl, though she did acknowledge she wasn’t an angel.

Garkirah’s father was murdered while she was less than a year old on Easter Sunday, 1997. According to police records, though KI’s been arrested numerous times, she’s never been arrested for any crime close to murder.

Additionally, Full Circle TV Show, Host Queen shows the Chicago teen Gakirah Barnes Documentary along with her mother. 

Gakirah Barnes Age

Gakirah Barnes age as of 2021 would be 24 years old. 

She was pronounced dead at the age of 17, in the year 2014. 

When Is Barnes Birthday?

Barnes birthday has not been mentioned on any of the web pages. 

If she would be alive, Gakirah would have celebrated her birthday with her family, and loved ones every year. 

Gakirah Barnes: Wiki 

Gakirah Barnes is absent from Wiki. 

Similarly, there is no clear source to prove that she had an Instagram account. 

But, there is an Instagram account under the username @ki.shit069 dedicated to K.I. 

Many of her friends have sent eulogies along with obituary notices on social media. 

Furthermore, Rapper King Von died on November 6, 2020. He was shot outside a nightclub in Atlanta, according to police.

The incident took place outside Monaco Hookah Lounge, where two off-duty officers who were in uniform and working an extra job at the lounge. 

In addition, during late 2012 an altercation, in a train station, took place between K.I. and King Von in which a fight broke out between the two. King Von took to Twitter to boast about the fight.

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