Stuart Lubbock Wife And Family: What Happened To Lubbock?

What Happened To Stuart Lubbock ? Wife And Family Update

What Happened To Stuart Lubbock ? Wife And Family Update

Stuart Lubbock wife and family details. Get to know everything about his late man and how he suffered a tragic death.

The news of Stuart Lubbock’s death shook the world 20 years ago. However, the culprit of the murder was never found. Nevertheless, the case has found a new turn with the arrest of a man related to the case in March, 2021. 

Stuart Lubbock Wife And Family Details

Stuart Lubbock’s wife was Sue Horan.

Lubbock and Horan apparently got married when they were very young. They even had two children together. However, the couple went separate ways just before Stuart’s death. Nevertheless, Sue always describes Lubbock as a good man.

Stuart Lubbock family consists of his father Terry Lubbock. Terry is still fighting for his son’s murder case. Likewise, Stuart also has a brother named Kevin. 

What Actually Happened To Lubbock?

On March 31, 2001, Stuart Lubbock was found dead at a swimming pool.

Police discovered Stuart Lubbock lifeless at the house of British TV presenter, Michael Barrymore. Similarly, Lubbock had attended the party at Michael Barrymore house that day. Furthermore, medical reports showed that Stuart was sexually assaulted many times before his murder.

In addition, police also found drugs and alcohol in Stuart’s bloodstream. Every person at the party, including Barrymore, was investigated in the case. However, the culprit for the murder was never found. 

His Case Update 2021

Recently, detectives arrested a 50 years old man potentially involved in Stuart Lubbock’s case. 

But, the police did not disclose the identity of the man. According to the police, the man was taken into custody for questioning. Besides, Stuart’s father has expressed his joy at the arrest of the man. 

Stuart Lubbock was just 31 years old at the time of his death. He was born on October 1, 1969. On the other hand, Michael Barrymore has completely denied any involvement with the murder. But, his career went downhill after the infamous case. 

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