Sulina Frost Adam Frost Wife Age, Net Worth And Children

Sulina Frost And Family: Get To Know Gardeners’ World Adam Frost Wife

Sulina Frost And Family: Get To Know Gardeners’ World Adam Frost Wife

Sulina Frost has been getting all the attention she deserves as Adam Frost wife. It actually is a great deal to be a life partner of an award-winning garden designer. 

Sulina’s husband Adam Frost is globally known as an incredible garden designer and a TV personality as he the host of BBC Gardeners’ World.

The show often presents his gorgeous three-acre backyard in Lincolnshire, filmed in a clip for his Instagram. Amid the pictures of beautiful plants and gardens that he posts on his Instagram, his wife Sulina Frost has made a place for herself as well.

Sulina Frost Adam Frost Wife Age

Sulina Frost’s age should be around 45 years old.

Her husband, on the other hand, is a 51-year-old gardener and an author. 

Information regarding Adam Frost wife is scarce on the internet, as the mainstream media tends to prioritize his work and not his personal life. Hence, we can see a Wikipedia for Adam, but Sulina Frost does not have it.

What Is Sulina Frost Net Worth?

Sulina Frost net worth is around £3.2k, as per company check

She is reported to be a company secretary and director at Adam Frost Design Limited. Also, according to the website, she has been working for the company for 15 years. 

Furthermore, her husband Adam Frost has a net worth of around $700,000, per Kitchen Garden Foundation

Undoubtedly, he has earned great fortune for himself and his family after being a host in such a reputed BBC Show since 2016.

Meet Sulina Frost Children and Family

Sulina and Adam Frost are blessed with four children, reports Express

They have two sons named Jacob and Oakley and two daughters named Abi-Jade and Amber-Lily. 

In one of the interviews, Adam mentioned that he wants his children to have a better childhood than his own. 

Summing up, Adam and Sulina have been quite successful in creating a beautiful family of their own.

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