Sun Yang Wikipedia, Age, Height, Instagram, Girlfriend, Net Worth 2019

Sun Yang

Sun Yang

Sun Yang is a prolific athlete from China who is a six-time Olympic medalist, with a gold medal in 200m freestyle. This Chinese competitive swimmer became the first Chinese man to win a gold medal in swimming at Olympic in 2012.

Name Sun Yang
Birthday December 1, 1991
Age 28 years old
Gender Male
Height 6 feet 7 inches
Nationality Chinese
Profession Swimmer
Parents Sun Quanhong & Yang Ming
Education Zhejiang University
Twitter @SunYang91

Not only Sun Yang is a highly decorated Chinese swimmer in terms of medals, but he is a big dog financially too. In 2017, Sun Yang became the only athlete in China to feature in Forbes China Celebrity List 2017.

In 2017, Sun Yang had an annual income of 60 million yuan, which is equivalent to US$9 million. Find out some interesting facts about his Chinese competitive swimmer here.

10 Facts on Sun Yang

  1. Sun Yang is a professional swimmer from China who is a six-time Olympic medalist. Sun is the first Chinese swimmer to win a gold medal in Olympic.
  2. As a professional swimmer, Sun Yang is the most decorated Chinese swimmer in its history. Back in 2017, NBC Sports described Sun Yan as “arguably the greatest freestyle swimmer of all time.”
  3. While Sun has been in the papers for his competitive swimming career, his personal life has hit the papers too.
  4. On November 3, 2020, Sun met an accident in Hangzhou and he was driving without a license. The next day, he issued an official apology letter.
  5. Sun is a graduate of Zhejiang University. He holds a bachelor’s degree in sports studies.
  6. Sun was born in Hangzhou, Zhejiang on December 1, 1991. He is 28 years old now. 
  7. He was born into an athletic family as the only child of his parents. His father, Sun Quanhong is a former basketball player, and his mother, Yang Ming is a former volleyball player.
  8. His nationality is Chinese. The detail of his love life and girlfriend is missing.
  9. In 2017, Sun Yang had an annual income of $9 million. Meanwhile, his net worth is missing.
  10. As seen in his Wikipedia biography, Sun Yang stands 6 feet and 7 inches tall. His weight is 89 kg.

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