Sunday Hinton Age, Transgender, Wikipedia And Instagram

Who Is Sunday Hinton? Details You Need To Know

Who Is Sunday Hinton? Details You Need To Know

How Old is Sunday Hinton age? Hinton is a Transgender woman who sued the District of Columbia

She sued the District of Columbia for rejecting her identity as a woman.

Sunday Hinton Age: Is she Transgender?

Sunday Hinton’s age has not been revealed publicly yet.

Hinton was accused of “unarmed burglary” intending to steal 20 dollars. The District of Columbia took her not custody on April 26. 

However, D.C. jail put her in the men’s unit even if Sunday Hinton identifies as a transgender woman. She was held there for more than two weeks. Her lawyer, Megan said she was very angry and upset with the way she was treated.

Hinton is now represented by the American Civil Liberties Union and the D.C. Public Defender service. They both said the city violated the D.C. Human Rights Act and US Constitution. They alleged the city is confining people based on their anatomy, not their identity.

Many law practitioners claim her lawsuit will be in favor of all transgender people. It will soon erase the DOC policy to determine to house based on anatomy. The current policy certainly puts the transgender community at great risk of physical harm.

Sunday Hinton Wikipedia

Sunday Hinton’s Wikipedia bio is not available.

Hinton is a transgender woman whose identity was put at risk by the authority. She could not exercise her right to be respected and treated as a woman which she is.

Sunday had the only option of being in protective custody which is in fact solitary confinement. 

The Transgender Housing Committee of DOC is responsible for the transgender individuals’ housing assignments. However, the committee has not met since January 2020 for COVID-19 issues. Furthermore, criminal defense attorneys cannot override the DOC default of housing based on anatomy.

Sunday Hinton on Instagram

There are a couple of accounts on Instagram named after Sunday Hinton. However, none of them can be verified as her real account. Both of the accounts have only a single post so far.

It seems like Sunday does not have an Instagram account of her own.

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