Surviving Death: Nicole De Haas Wikipedia And 10 Facts To Know: Is Medium Fraud?

Who Is Nicole De Haas From Surviving Death? Is Medium Fraud? Facts To Know

Who Is Nicole De Haas From Surviving Death? Is Medium Fraud? Facts To Know

Medium Nicole De Haas is one of the casts of Netflix’s new documentary series, Surviving Death, who has allured many audiences’ attention. The show has released its first sixth episodes in January 2021.

Nicole is a Dutch medium and teacher who is getting a mixed reaction from the viewers since the series’s premiere. Some people are even asking if she is a fraud or not. Well, read the exclusive facts to know everything about Nicole.

Quick Facts: Who Is Nicole De Haas From Surviving Death? Is Medium Fraud? Facts To Know

Name Nicole De Haas
Birthday 1976
Age 44
Gender Female
Nationality Dutch
Profession Consultant
Married/Single Married
Children Three

10 Facts on Nicole De Haas

  1. Nicole De Haas is one of the recurring cast in the Docuseries Surviving Death, where she is presented as the medium in the second episode of the series.
  2. In the series, Nicole explores afterlife theory and gives a review of what happens after we die.
  3. She was born in 1976, as per her website. And as of now, her age is 44 years old.
  4. As per the Radio Times, she is a native of the Netherlands, so she is Dutch by nationality, and her ethnicity could be white.
  5. Nicole completed her three years of study at the Academy for Mediumship, as per Distractify. Furthermore, she took training and courses from Arthur Findlay College.
  6. Earlier, she worked as a natural health practitioner for several years. Furthermore, she also worked for children and adults in social welfare for a decade.
  7. Is medium Nicole De Haas fraud? We’re still unsure whether she is a fraud or not. In the series, MIke’s family had suspected that she could be a fraud.
  8. Having an interest in the spiritual realm, she started developing the skills in 2005 as a psychic and physical medium.
  9. Away from the reality show, Nicole is a married woman, and she has adopted three children in 2002, 2005, and 2008, respectively.
  10. Nicole De Haas’s biography is not available on Wikipedia, as she still prefers to keep her personal life private. But, she does have given some glimpses of her lifestyle on her Website.

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