Susan Lluch: Alek Manoah Parents Nationality

Who Is Susan Lluch? Meet Alek Manoah Parents – Their Nationality and Family Names

Who Is Susan Lluch? Meet Alek Manoah Parents – Their Nationality and Family Names

Susan Lluch the mother of Alek Manoah was present at the Yankee Stadium to cheer for him. Meet Alex mother on Instagram and see other details about his parents.

Susan is the proud mother of American professional baseball pitcher Alek Manoah. According to Susan’s Instagram account, she is a scuba and rescue diver. 

She is trending on the Internet as she supported her son, Alek Manoah, while he was performing in his debut. Susan was seen crying tears of joy and fired up while Alek was performing excellently.

What Is Susan Lluch’s Nationality?

Susan Lluch’s nationality is American

The details about Lluch’s age are private. By the looks of her pictures, Susan might be in her late 40s.

Two of Lluch’s children play baseball. Susan’s older son, Erik Manoah, played for the New York Mets from the 2014 Major League Baseball draft till he was let go in 2019.

Susan Lluch has a family dog named Marly.

Alek Manoah Parents Details Revealed

Alek Manoah’s parents, Susan Llunch and her husband, were cheering for him at his debut performance. 

Alek Manoah played his MLB debut game as a rookie for the Toronto Blue Jays. Alek’s sister and most of his family were present in the stands at the Yankee Stadium; the Bronx reports Daily Hive.

The family had a personal cheering section to cheer for Alek Manoah.

Lluch was wearing a white Blue jays jersey with Alek’s name while she was cheering for her son. Susan Lluch’s dad was also present in the audience, cheering for their son.

Meet Alek Manoah’s Mother On Instagram

Susan Lluch is active on Instagram under the username mrslluch05.

Her Instagram bio says God & Family First and that she is a proud baseball mom. Lluch has more than 2k posts and 873 followers on her Instagram account.

But Susan Lluch’s Instagram account is private.

Alek Manoah frequently uploads pictures with his mother, Susan Lluch, on his Instagram account.

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