Susan Pompeo Biography, Age and Photos: Mike Pompeo Wife

Susan Pompeo Biography, Age and Photos: 10 Facts To Know About Mike Pompeo Wife

Susan Pompeo Biography, Age and Photos: 10 Facts To Know About Mike Pompeo Wife

Susan Pompeo aka Susan Justice Mostrous is perhaps best-recognized as the wife of 70th United States Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo. 

Many have even called Susan the mind behind the actions of Mike, as a matter of fact, the many reputable outlets like this one, have said that she has a considerable influence over the professional and political decisions Mike makes. In fact, her influence over the Secretary of State has been a cause for concern for the left-wing. 

In 2020 Mike got in hot water as NBC obtained hundreds of his emails in which they claim he mixed personal and professional matters. 

Name Susan Pompeo
Gender Female
Nationality American
Profession former Banking Executive
Married/Single Married
Husband Mike Pompeo
Children 1 son (Nicholas)
Education Wichita State

10 Facts About Susan Pompeo

  1. Susan Pompeo’s Wiki page doesn’t exist yet but you can read her bio in the facts mentioned here. 
  2. Her age and birthday have not been made public, however, some sources have claimed that she is in her late 40s. This estimate is based on her photos. 
  3. In the media, she is better known as Mike Pompeo’s wife. The pair tied the knot in 2000.
  4. They had met in Kansas after Mike had gotten divorced from his first wife Leslie Libert in the late 1990s. 
  5. He had a dream of making it big in the aerospace industry.
  6. To make his dream a reality he held many meetings and in one of those meetings, he sat across from a vice-president of a bank, Susan. This was how the now-married couple first met. 
  7. Her family had lived in Kansas for a while. Like Mike, she had also been married in the past and had a son named Nicholas from a former relationship. 
  8. The 70th Secretary of State adopted Nicholas. 
  9. Formerly Susan had a job as the vice-president of a bank, it is possible that she makes a living from the same sector. She also helps her husband and once stopped her husband from hiring a man who misplaced a comma in his cover letter.
  10. She has also been with her husband as he moved to Washington. As the secretary of state is required to live in a private residence, they moved to Washington. 

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