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Porter Stracke: 10 Facts On Sutton Stracke’s Daughter

Porter Stracke: 10 Facts On Sutton Stracke’s Daughter

Porter Stracke is the daughter of Sutton Stracke- a popular reality TV actress who stars in Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Not a lot is known about Porter because she is very young and hasn’t accomplished that many things to be popular. But she is known due to her mother’s stardom and that’s perfectly okay. She could have starred in the new series of the RHOBH but couldn’t because her father denied having her in a show.

She is the eldest amongst three children of Sutton Stracke and is not available on social media sites. That’s weird considering most of the youngsters are in social media these days. But this is an Instagram account of a Porter Stracke but it’s private.

Name Porter Stracke
Age 17
Gender Female
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Profession Student
Parents Sutton Stracke and Christian Stracke
Siblings Philip Stracke and Jake Stracke

10 Interesting Facts About Porter Stracke

  1. According to a site online, Porter Stracke is 17 years old but we do not know the details about her birthday.
  2. Porter is in the age group where she could have a boyfriend but so far, nobody knows if she has a boyfriend or not.
  3. Recently, Porter graduated from her high school in a drive-through car ceremony due to the coronavirus pandemic.
  4. Sutton Stracke made it to Instagram and shared how proud she was of her daughter who finally became a college girl.
  5. We do not have any idea about Porter’s height because it’s not available on the internet.
  6. Porter is just starting her adult life by going to college. So, we have no idea about her net worth as she still is very young.
  7. Porter Stracke was born to Sutton Stracke and Christian Starke.
  8. She has 2 other siblings and their names are James Starcke and Philip Stracke.
  9. Porter Stracke is going to attend college in the College of William and Mary.
  10. We don’t have any Instagram account that could be verified as Porter’s official account.

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