Suzie Fletcher: The Repair Shop Age, How Old Is She

Who Is Suzie Fletcher From The Repair Shop? Everything On Age, How Old Is She? Her Photos And Wikipedia

Who Is Suzie Fletcher From The Repair Shop? Everything On Age, How Old Is She? Her Photos And Wikipedia

Suzie Fletcher is an expert in The Repair Shop. She has been working on the repair shop for so long. She is very focused and she is good at her work. She is a well-known member of the Repair shop. It is said that she has been working here for around 40 years. She has spent half of her life in the Repair shop.

Suzie Fletcher loves horses and she used to make Saddle and Briddle for her horses that show her interest in saddle restoring and making since her childhood and now she is a professional saddle maker. She was also supported by her mother in making saddles as her mother was a clothes designer.

Name Suzie Fletcher
Gender Female
Nationality British
Profession Horologist
Siblings Steve
Married/Single Married
Education Cordwaidners college

10 Facts on Suzie Fletcher:

  1. Suzie Fletcher is a talented as well as a creative woman who is an expert in leather and she is an expert on making many leather products. 
  2. Her age is not known among others she might be on her 50- 60. Her exact date of birth is unknown.
  3. Moving on to her parents, she is a designer who used to design clothes whereas her father is a watchmaker.
  4. She was married to her husband who passed away because of cancer. She moved to America when she was 22 years old and she returned back to UK after her husband passed away.
  5. Suzie Fletcher has a sibling, he has got a younger brother whose name is Steve. He was also shown in the BBC news
  6. She has not opened up whether she has got children or not.
  7. Suzie Fletcher has appeared in the Two seasons of the BBC show. She has been popular in a short period of time.
  8. She is not found on any social site.
  9. There is no information about her in Wikipedia.
  10. She spent two years in Cordwaidners college which is in London.


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