Sylvia Tamsma Wikipedia Biography, Husband And Net Worth

Sylvia Tamsma Wikipedia And Pictures: Where Is Kelly Piquet Mom Now?

Sylvia Tamsma Wikipedia And Pictures: Where Is Kelly Piquet Mom Now?

Does Sylvia Tamsma have a Wikipedia bio? Sylvia is Kelly Piquet mother. 

Tamsma is a former model and Dutch celebrity. She rose to fame with her relationship with veteran F1 champion Nelson Piquet. Furthermore, Slyvia shares three children with the racer. 

Sylvia Tamsma Wikipedia Biography: Meet Kelly Piquet Mom

Sylvia Tamsma doesn’t have a Wikipedia Biography right now.

But, Slyvia does have a Twitter account under the name @sylvia_tamsma. Likewise, you can also follow her on Instagram as @sylviatamsmapiquet. She has boasted over 1.9k followers on her IG.

Slyvia Tamsma is the mother of a Brazilian model and author, Kelly Piquet. Kelly is the second born to her mother. Similarly, she has worked for Vogue, Bergdorf Goodman, and Marie Claire magazine. 

Besides, Slyvia Tamsma has 2 more children in the family. Her eldest son is the well-known F1 racer Nelson Piquet Jr. Likewise, her youngest child is Julia Piquet. 

Sylvia Tamsma Relationship With Her Former Husband

Sylvia Tamsma was married to husband Nelson Piquet once.

All of Slyvia’s children were born together with Nelson. However, the couple shared a very tumultuous on and off the relationship. As a fact, they were separated for years soon after Nelson Jr’s birth and again reconciled when he was 8 years old.

After having two more children, Tamsma and Piquet got divorced once for all after. Later, Nelson got married to Vivianne de Souza Leão.

On the other hand, Slyvia Tamsma seems single right now. She has not updated about her love life after the public relationship with the former F1 racer.

How Much Net Worth Does She Own?

Slyvia Tamsma owns a decent net worth- yet her actual fortune is under review.

Originally from the Netherlands, Tamsma used to be a successful model. Likewise, considering all of her successful children, we are doubtless that even Slyvia owns a handsome bank balance.

In addition, Slyvia Tamsma’s former husband owns a net worth of $100 million USD. Therefore, she might have received millions after her divorce. Nevertheless, she lives a low-key life with her riches now.

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