Sylvie Noachovitch Origine, Wikipedia Biographie

Who Is Sylvie Noachovitch? Everything About The Lawyer

Who Is Sylvie Noachovitch? Everything About The Lawyer

Sylvie Noachovitch of French origine is handling the Omar Raddad case at the moment. Find her Wikipedia biographie here.

Sylvie is a lawyer and TV personality from France. She also serves as the deputy mayor of Enghien-Les-Bains.

Sylvie Noachovitch Origine and Age

Sylvie Noachovitch’s origine is French.

The lawyer was born in Montmorency, a commune in France. Also, Sylvie’s age is 57 years old. Besides, she has her birthday celebrations on March 14 every year.

Noachovitch has not mentioned much about her parents and family background. Furthermore, there is not much information regarding her childhood and early life.

As a matter of fact, Sylvie attended Pantheon-Assas University. Notably, she had a master’s degree in business law. To point out, she is a specialist in legal careers.

In addition, the deputy mayor has a Diploma of Advanced Studies degree. She had majored in business law.

Sylvie Noachovitch Wikipedia Biographie

Sylvie Noachovitch’s Wikipedia biographie is available.

Actually, Sylvie has a biographie on Wikipedia in French. But the Wikipedia page provides a summary of her life and career.

Noachovitch commenced her career as a lawyer in January 1989. Earlier, she had joined the IEJ of the University of Paris II-Assas for preparations.

For her brilliant legal career, Sylvie earned a specialization certificate from the National Council of Bars. She is a specialist in criminal law.

Besides, she is a famous media personality too. She had appeared in the show Sans Aucun Doute on TF1. Furthermore, she starred in the TMS show Ca peut vous arriver.

Currently, Sylvie makes a regular appearance on C’est que de la TV!. Also, she is a columnist in Touche pas a mon poste!.

Sylvie Noachovitch Omar Raddad Case

Sylvie Noachovitch represents Omar Raddad on his case.

Omar was convicted in 1994 for the murder he allegedly committed three years before. He had allegedly killed Ghislaine Marchal. 

Sylvie presented an application for the review of Omar’s trial. In fact, she reveals she came up with some scientific proof regarding Omar’s case.

Raddad had received 18 years of imprisonment in 1994. 

Sylvie’s Net Worth

Sylvie’s net worth has not surfaced in the media yet.

But she must have made a hefty net worth considering her career as both a lawyer and a media star.

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