Talie Moore Matt James Bachelor: Age, Height, Job, Instagram

Talie Moore: Facts To Know About Matt James’ Bachelor’s Contestant

Talie Moore: Facts To Know About Matt James’ Bachelor’s Contestant

The historical journey of 43 ladies on the 25th season of The Bachelor is almost a month away. This season will introduce us to the first-ever black Bachelor, Matt James and his resonance with the beauties. 

Among the 43 contestants, Talie Marie Moore has been selected as a possible candidate to the hit reality show The Bachelor. So, who is Talie Marie Moore? As it happens, the girl is a native of Belmont, North Carolina, the United States. Learn more about her through the points listed below:

Name Talie Marie Moore
Birthday 1996
Age 24
Gender Female
Nationality American
Married/Single Single
Instagram @taliemoore_

10 Facts On Talie Marie Moore  

  1. Talie Marie Moore, also known as Talie Moore, is currently 24 years old, as confirmed by Fandom. That means she was born either in 1995 or 1996. However, her exact birthday is not available. 
  2. The beautiful Bachelor contestant holds the American nationality, and belongs to black ethnicity.
  3. Where is she from? Well, She was born and raised in Belmont, North Carolina, the United States. As of now, Talie still resides in Belmont.
  4. Talie does not actively update her Instagram account @taliemoore_, as she hasn’t shared any post to this day. Also, she has 763 followers on Instagram and has kept her account private.
  5. The American native, being a secretive personality, hasn’t spoken anything about her family. So, details about her parents as well as siblings, are still a secret.
  6. Now, the lady is ready to tackle her chances on the dating reality show The Bachelor. In the show, she will be competing against 42 other contestants, including Sarah Trott, Saneh Ste Claire, and Serena Chew.
  7. Since she is competing in the dating reality show, we can assume that she is currently single. Also, she has chosen not to flash about her past relationships. 
  8. Details about Talise’s physical attribute is yet to get exposed. So, there is no exact information about her height and weight.
  9. Besides her appearance in upcoming reality TV shows, Talie’s professional lifestyle is still a puzzle. What does she do for a living? We might know about that in the coming days. 
  10.  Moore is not yet a celebrity name. So, you will not find her section on Wikipedia. However, you can read this article to know exclusive facts about her.

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