Tamaev Asxab Age Height, Wikipedia Fight And Ethnicity

Tamaev Asxab: See His Age And Career

Tamaev Asxab: See His Age And Career

Tamaev Asxab of age 19 years old is an MMA fighter. His height of 6 feet has relatively helped him pursue a fighting career. Read more about his career and Ethnicity. 

Tamaev is a young Russian MMA fighter, ridiculously jacked, also well known by the name “Popeye” and another name “Russian Hulk.” 

Tamaev Asxab: Age and Height

Tamaev Asxab’s age is currently 19 years old.

He was born on April 7, 2002. 

Asxab’s height is 6 feet, which is around 175cm

Likewise, his building body features are a 54cm neck that looks enormous and alongside his 48cm biceps. 

Asxab body is solid. Therefore he is named the “Russian Hulk” and “Popeye.”

He also weighs around 90kg. 

Is Tamaev on Wikipedia?

No, Tamaev Asxab bio is not avaible on Wikipedia. 

However, he uses Instagram and has a huge number of followers. Asxab has 4.2m followers, and his account is verified. So far, he has only 90 posts added to his IG feed. 

Most of his Instagram posts are about promoting working out and eating healthy, which is also a secret to his success. 

He can gain a strong fan base on his social media and has made waves because of his slanging matches with other social media figures in Russia. 

Tamaev Asxab Fighting Career

Tamaev first won his amateur MMA in 2017.

He developed his ripped body by curling, benching, and squatting with farm equipment. 

Further, he slammed a 21-year-old former soldier named Kirill Tereshin, who had injected toxic bulking oil in his arms, and challenged Asxab to fight. 

Tamaev has been a potential UFC fighter, and his reputation started to get bigger after he stepped into the Octagon for his first MMA. He fought against Ukraine Youtuber star Philip Marvin.

Asxab destroyed Marvin within two rounds. 

What is His Ethnicity?

Tamaev belongs to mixed ethnicity.

He holds a Russian nationality as he was born in Russia. Likewise, he follows the Muslim religion. 

There isn’t clear information regarding Tamaev parents disclosed in the media.

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