Tamzen Hayes Actor Age, Wikipedia And Instagram: Craig McLachlan Accuser

Who is  Craig McLachlan Accuser Tamzen Hayes? Meet Her On Instagram

Who is  Craig McLachlan Accuser Tamzen Hayes? Meet Her On Instagram

Tamzen Hayes is an actress who accused Craig McLachlan of sexual harassment. Is she featured on Wikipedia? For more details on the case and about the actress, follow the article.

Tamzen Hayes is an actress and writer known for The Doctor Blake Mysteries, and We Are Not Real People, and many more.

Tamzen Hayes Sexual Allegation

Tamzen Hayes acted with accused Craig Mclachlan on “The Doctor Blake Mysteries” in 2014, where she played the role of Virginia McKay in season 2.

On the first day of the filming, Hayes played a dead woman in a scene shot inside a room set up to look like a morgue.

According to her defense document, “Hayes was wearing underwear and covered by a sheet. McLachlan’s character said scripted words to the effect of ‘she was beautiful.’

McLachlan then said words to the effect of ‘you are wonderful’ in a whispered tone and leaning into Hayes’ ear so that only she could hear him. This was not scripted or directed.”

“He also moved as if to tickle her. A member of the crew commented with words to the effect of ‘Come on, Craig, we need to get this shot.’ Hayes felt uncomfortable, and several further takes were required to complete the scene as a result of McLachlan’s conduct.”

Furthermore, alleges were also made in different scenes, like one where the actress was required to stand on a ladder and paint a wall while wearing a short skirt.

Craig Mclachlan insisted on holding the ladder even though his shooting was over.

Two more actresses Teagan Wouters and Anna Samson, have also come forward with their allegations.

Tamzen Hayes Wikipedia And Age

Tamzen Hayes is yet to be featured on Wikipedia.

However, we can find him on IMDB and Amazon profiles.

Furthermore, Tamzen Hayes’s age was also not revealed. Thus, her age is still a mystery to all of her fans.

Is She On Instagram?

We can find Hayes on Instagram with the username @missthayes.

She has more than 2k followers as of today and where is regularly active.

But, to the contrary, her Instagram account is private, and you need to follow her to glance at her profile.

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