Teresa Fidalgo Wikipedia Biography: Real Or Fake Story?

Teresa Fidalgo Wiki: Is It A Real Or Fake Story?

Teresa Fidalgo Wiki: Is It A Real Or Fake Story?

The real mystery behind Teresa Fidalgo’s ghost tale is revealed here. In advance, know her Wikipedia reading this article.

Teresa Fidalgo is a name of a dead girl. There are many prevailing ghost stories that get hyped over the internet.

However, one of the stories related to Fidalgo has taken over the internet in an uncanny way. In fact, this is the second time that the tale is taking over social media.

How did the ghost tale start, and is there a shred of truth to it?. Read till the end to know everything about the mysterious girl.

Teresa Fidalgo Wikipedia Biography

Teresa Fidalgo biography has been featured on the Wikipedia website.

The name is totally based on a fictional character created by David Rebordao in his short movie named ‘A Curva.

The short video was released in the year 2003. 

According to the clip, there’s a hitchhiking woman named Teresa Fidalgo, who strangely points out her death spot on the road.

Immediately, when the video tries to cover her face, the car crashes.

Teresa Fidalgo: Real Or Fake Story?

The news about Teresa Fidalgo’s ghost terrorizing people through social media presence is totally fake.

However, a similar but real event actually happened with 3 friends. One of them is David, who survived but still was not able to explain the real story.

Even the Police record says that Teresa Fidalgo did die in a specific spot in Sentra, Portugal, back in 1983.

Prior to the story, people created false news about Teresa Fidalgo on social media. 

Later, David Rebordao, after his movie went viral in 2014, mentioned that it’s a makeover story.

Fidalgo Instagram and Tiktok

Teresa Fidalgo’s name is quite popular over Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook.

These media have been used often to generate more fake tales about Teresa Fidalgo. 

In fact, posts captioned such as “I am Teresa Fidalgo, and if you don’t post this on 20 other photos, I will sleep with you forever” created many hoaxes about her. 

In Another Facebook Post, the Page Cited this “Hoax” of Teresa Fidalgo as: 

“A girl ignored, and her mom died 29 days later. You can even search me on google.”

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