Tessa Thompson Partner And Rita Ora Drama: Is She Bisexual?

Is Tessa Thompson Bisexual? Her Partner And Rita Ora Drama Explained

Is Tessa Thompson Bisexual? Her Partner And Rita Ora Drama Explained

Tessa Thompson has never publically dated any partner. Her recent Rita Ora drama has hinted many details about her love life.

Thompson is an American actress. She is known for movies like Thor: Ragnarok (2019), Avengers: Endgame (2019), and Little Woods (2018). Recently, she has become a spotlight for her relationship with singer Rita Ora and filmmaker Taika Waititi. 

Tessa Thompson Partner: Is She Bisexual?

Tessa Thompson prefers both male and female partner. 

In 2018, Tessa publically came out in an interview with Porter magazine. Previously, there was much scrutiny surrounding her sexuality. Eventually, the actress stated, “I’m attracted to men and also to women.”

However, Tessa Thompson doesn’t label herself as bisexual.

Apparently, Thompson identified herself as bisexual at first. However, after discovering pansexuality, she realized that she was open to a relationship with any sexuality. Thus, she mentions she is open to experimenting for now.

Tessa Thompson and Rita Ora Drama Explained 

Tessa Thompson and Rita Ora‘s recent kissing drama has shocked many fans.

Recently, the paparazzi pictured Tessa, Rita, and Rita’s boyfriend, Taika Waititi in an intimate act. The photos were taken on Sunday outside Taika’s house in Sydney. Furthermore, all three of them seemed very close to each other.

In some pictures, Taika and Rita were captured sharing kisses. While other photos showed Ora and Thompson in an intimate pose. Likewise, some pictures featured Waititi and Thompson in each other’s arms.

37 years old Tessa is currently shooting for the upcoming Thor movie with director, Waititi. Similarly, Rita and Waititi officially started dating in April. Moreover, singer Ora came out as bisexual after relating her bi anthem “Girls” in 2018. 

Who Has She Dated in the Past?

Tessa Thompson has previously been associated with other celebrities. During 2015, she was rumored to be dating singer Janelle Monae. As a fact, the actress even appeared in Monae’s music video. However, they never confirmed their relationship status. 

Likewise, Tessa was also linked with an unconfined relationship with Brie Larson. Furthermore, her relations with Dev Hynes became a gossip of the town in 2019. Yet, even this relationship remains unconfirmed. 

Now, the new triple relationship has come out as interesting to many people. Neither of them has released a statement till now. 

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