Thank You Mama TikTok Baby Video Explained: Linda Meeker Toddler Son

Thank You Mama TikTok Baby Video Explained: Linda Meeker Toddler Son
Thank You Mama TikTok Baby Video Explained: Linda Meeker Toddler Son

The 2 year old adorable little boy goes viral on Tiktok after saying “Thank You Mama” everytime his mother gives him food. 

Tiktok really is the place to lighten up your mood, isn’t it? Even when you are feeling all the way down, Tiktok always has contents that can take you back to the moon. I mean, Not every social networking site has around billion active users whatsoever. 

One of the best thing about the video networking site is that it has content to define each and every mood of yours. From feeling enthusiastic to the feeling of collosal heartbreak, Tiktok can provide you with the relatable contents. 

And you never get bored on Tiktok. Perhaps, some of the contents are immensly repeated and may frustrate the viewers sometimes. Then again, something so cute and adorable gets viral and lightens up your mood for the day. This one is the perfect example of it. 

Recently, the compilation videos of a 2 year old saying “Thank You Mama” has gone viral all over the internet. If you’re wondering about him, there couldn’t be a better place than this. Get ready to cheer yourself up with his adorable videos. 


Finally gave Grey a trim today but now he looks sooo grown 😭 ##familytime ##momsoftiktok ##firetruck

♬ original sound – greyandmama

What is “Thank You Mama” that’s trending on Tiktok?

If you’re a tiktok user, you surely have heard the term “Thank You Mama” recently. The tiktok videos are all flodded with the videos. It is the statement said by a 2 year old toddler to his mother every time she brings him food.

The video is uploaded by the account “GreyandMama.” The tiktok account consists of whopping 3 and half million followers as of now. But the followers are rising like a airplane taking off, thanks to cute little toddler named, Grey.

The video that went viral was uploaded on 14th of June. It was a reminder and gratitude video for a million followers landmark. But the video in itself was viewed more than 49 million times. Similarly, it has accquired more than 10 Million likes on tiktok.  

Moroever, the videos are adapted by several other Tiktok creators and made their own manipulation on it. Not to mention the compilation video made by his mother is so adorable that one cannot stop watching. 


Yes, he is this polite. Yes, he eats whatever I give him. No, this is not all for him. 🥰 & thank you all for 1M!! ##thankyoumama ##foodie ##toddler

♬ original sound – greyandmama

Who is Greyandmama on Tiktok?

Greyandmama is a tiktok account created by a woman, Linda Meeker. It consists of videos of she and her son, Gray Meeker. Most of the videos are about Grey performing some admiring activities. 

Grey is a 2- year old son of Linda. He is a partly Korean and Vietnamese. He is a toddler as he is just getting used to walking and roaming around. According to his mother, he is very polite and eats whatever his mother gives. 

In most of his videos, he is given food by his mother. She says “Thank you Mama” in a cutest way possible. Afterwards, his mother tells him to drop it somewhere to his father or his aunt. 

Moreover, Grey has been featured on several promising websites and portals ever since he got trending. There’s even a website in his name. Seems like tiktok has changed the little boy’s life and made him a star. 

Apart from that single video, there are lots of videos of him that went viral. Almost each and every video afterwards has more than a million engagements and why not? Not everyday we see something so adorable and relaxing on the social media. 


SO HAPPY with his plate of fruit from auntie @linhblue22 😂😂 ##foodfam ##familytime ##momsoftiktok

♬ original sound – greyandmama

Furthemore, the comments about Grey have made their way all the way to twitter and instagram as well. One wrote on twitter, “I can watch this all day. What a adorable little cutie.” 

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