That Girl Lay Lay Rapper Age, Parents And Real Name

That Girl Lay Lay Rapper On Tiktok – How Old Is She?

That Girl Lay Lay Rapper On Tiktok – How Old Is She?

What is the age of That Girl Lay Lay? We will cover the young hip-hop artist’s age in this article.

That Girl Lay Lay is the youngest female rapper to sign a record deal with Empire Records. She has many hit songs like TikTok, Mama, Stop Playin, along with her debut single Go Lay Lay Go.

Here is everything you need to know about the young rapper’s parents, real name, and net worth.

That Girl Lay Lay Rapper On Tiktok

That Girl Lay Lay, aka ThatGirlLayLay, is on TikTok.

She has a TikTok account with the username thatgirllaylay.

Lay has 359.3K followers on TikTok and has 2.8 million likes on her content.

Her TikTok bio goes like, ‘I’m tha lil big dripper and tha long hair flipper.’

That Girl Lay Lay Age

That Girl Lay Lay’s age is currently 14.

She was born on January 28, 2007, in Houston, Texas, United States.

She is an American by nationality but has mixed ethnicity.

For her age, Lay Lay has achieved many impressive things from her music career.

That Girl Lay Lay Parents and Real Name

The information on That Girl Lay Lay’s parents is not known.

Though she was inspired to be a singer by her father, Acie High.

That Girl Lay Lay’s real name is Alaya High. Her stage name is That Girl Lay Lay.

That Girl Lay Lay Net Worth

That Girl Lay Lay’s net worth is not revealed to the public.

Alaya was interested in composing, producing, rapping, and singing since the age of 5.

She shot to fame after her freestyle performance on the song, ‘Shoot’, sung by BlocBoy JB, went viral.

After becoming an overnight sensation, she also became one of the youngest freestyle celebrities.

Then, she moved on to earn a contract with ‘Empire Records,’ making her the youngest artist to be signed by a label.

Along with that, she previously released a freestyle performance on Drake’s ‘I’m Upset’.

Alaya has her own YouTube channel.

She has 1.59 million subscribers on her YouTube channel. She keeps uploading her music videos on the platform.

Alaya is also active on Instagram and Facebook.

She has 1.2 million followers on Instagram.

Recently, she posted a photo with Chris Brown and got the viewers excited with the caption, “More big things coming soon stay tuned…”.

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