The Best Memes of 2020

“If 2020 Was A” Meme Explained: The Best Memes of 2020

“If 2020 Was A” Meme Explained: The Best Memes of 2020

If 2020 was a meme, it will involve a lot of dark memes because the whole year has been quite a terror-filled ride that seems to up itself with every new day.

Memes have been a very valuable part of our culture now and they have completely taken over how we communicate. Like every other year, people have made memes this year as well. I would say that people made more memes this year as they were forced to quarantine themselves. We are almost at the end of the year 2020 and YouTube has also decided to cancel the “YouTube Rewind” this year. But it is time to sit back and take a look at the year.

One of the most popular meme trends that we have seen is the “If 2020 was a…” meme template. It is a simple meme format and as a result, a lot of memes have been made using this template.

If 2020 were a person from r/freefolk

There you go. If you have seen Game of Thrones, I won’t have to explain this character to you. For those of you who haven’t seen Game of Thrones, the person above is Ramsay Bolton- the most detestable character in the whole series. If 2020 was a person, it would be this person, meaning this year is the most horrible thing ever.

If 2020 Was A… Meme Explained

We all know that 2020 has been quite a disappointing and scary ride. For people around the world, it was saddening, and especially for Americans, it was extra stressful because of the election and BLM movement.

Even if the year is wonderful or terrible, people will never stop making memes on whatever they are experiencing. Everyone unanimously thinks that 2020 has been a very rough year. That premise is the foundation to “if 2020 was a…” meme template.

People can make any kinds of memes using this template. One of the most popular templates has been the “if 2020 was a pie” meme.

If you have watched “American Pie”, you would know how disgusting that pie is. If you haven’t,  watch this scene and you would absolutely get this meme.

Similarly, you can add whatever you like at the end and make a meme for yourself. Click here to see “if 2020 was a candy” meme.

Here is another “If 2020 was a Bag of Chips” meme.

The Best Memes of 2020

I can’t really say what the best memes of 2020 are because memes are a very subjective thing as humor is subjective. Having said that, I would also like to add the fact that there have been some popular memes in 2020 that have been popular as well as funny.

There are many memes that could be considered the top memes of the year 2020 but if I had to choose it, I would choose Donald Trump’s dancing meme as the funniest.


##trump2020 ##trumprally ##conservative ##republican ##trumpdance ##michiganfortrump

♬ Viva La Swing ps. tugboat_spenny is OG spinner – Mingaling 2.0

This right here was the leader of the United States of America. Just him not realizing the gravity of his responsibility and being oblivious of his responsibilities sounds very funny to me. That is why I would say this is one of the best memes of 2020. I am sure you guys have your own versions.

More “If 2020 was A…” Memes

Now that Christmas is near as we pray the coronavirus vaccine gets made fast, let’s again see some memes about the year 2020 and what a circus show this year was.

These are some of the ideas you can use to make “If 2020 was a ..” memes…

  1. If 2020 was a Canoe Trip
  2. If 2020 was a Math Problem.
  3. If 2020 was a Movie

The trick is to use an image of something you vehemently hate and use the caption “IF 2020 was …”


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