The Cadillac Three Members – Ages, Bio, Tour and Albums

The Cadillac Three Members – Ages, Bio, Tour and Albums

The Cadillac Three Members – Ages, Bio, Tour and Albums

Who are the Cadillac Three members? The Cadillac Three is an American country music rock band from Nashville, Tennessee, USA. No one is better than The Cadillac Three when it comes to straddling the line between the rowdy country music and the rebellious hard rock. 

With this COVID-19 pandemic situation, many of the country music artists are getting stranded off, but this band “The Cadillac Three” has found a creative way to manage back on stage and rise in popularity again. They have established a global live stream concert series called “Country Fuzz Presents”.

They have recently announced that they will provide curated live stream experiences through Country Fuzz Presents starting from 13th August and running through September from The Basement in Nashville, where The Cadillac Three have played since their early days of playing music together.

Here is everything we know about this popular American rock band, The Cadillac Three including its members, albums, and tours.

What is The Cadillac Three?

As already mentioned, The Cadillac Three is an American Rock Music band that specializes in country music of Nashville, Tennesse. This band was formed in 2011.

As you might have already tipped off by its name, this band consists of three members. This trio is full of attitude and swag with their down-home accent. They use heavy rock & roll rhythms and rootsy guitar sounds to accompany their tales of modern-day Southern life. All three members of this band were originally in another Nashville originated rock band called American Bang which was formed in 2005.

Around 2010, the American Bang failed to find enough audience and popularity so some members left the band and started to perform solo. However, the remaining trio renamed the band into The Cadillac Black and started releasing several albums.

Later on, because of several disputes regarding the band name being already used by someone else, they changed the name again and now they are known as The Cadillac Three. 

Who are the members of The Cadillac Three?

The three members of the group are the lead vocalist and guitarist Jaren Johnston, the bass and steel guitarist, vocalist Kelby Ray, and the drummer and vocalist Neil Mason. Further details on each member are given below.

Jaren Johnston

Jaren is the lead vocalist, singer/songwriter, and guitarist in the band. Born in Nashville, Tennessee on October 4, 1980, Jaren is currently 39 years old. He is married to wife Evyn Mustoe, they also have a son together.

Kelby Ray

Kelby Ray is the bassist and steel guitarist, and also the vocalist on the band The Cadillac Three. He is also around 39 years old as of now and is a Nashville native. He also has his own website through which he gives guitar lessons. Kelby is also married to a beautiful wife and has a cute little child.

Neil Mason

Neil is the drummer of the rock band The Cadillac Three. He is also a native of Nashville, Tennesse. He must be above 35 years old. He recently got married to Chelsea in January 2020 and their child was born just a month ago in July.

The Cadillac Three New Album in 2020

The rock band has released several studio albums and EPs which includes the albums “The Cadillac Three”, “Bury me in my Boots”, “Legacy”. Their singles like “Crackin’ Cold Ones with the Boys”, “Drunk Like You”, and “The South” are some of their most popular songs. The most recent album was released on February 7, 2020, titled “Country Fuzz”. 

The Cadillac Three Tour Dates

During this time of the pandemic, there are currently no tours or concerts by the music bands. However, The Cadillac Three will be providing Livestream shows through a global broadcast from their basement in Nashville. They have also installed multiple autonomous cameras to provide a crewless production.

This Country Fuzz Presents features various shows by several country music artists and bands including The Cadillac Three themselves, Thousand Horses, The Wild Feathers, Tenille Arts, Hey Steve, and many more.

This live streaming would be from Aug 13 through September, and the performance by the Cadillac Three themselves would be on August 19, 2020

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