The Curse Of Oak Island, Rick and Marty’s Nephew

Who Is David Fornetti? Meet Rick and Marty’s Nephew From The  Curse Of Oak Island

Who Is David Fornetti? Meet Rick and Marty’s Nephew From The  Curse Of Oak Island

TV personality David Fornetti’s age has been wondered upon by many these days. Learn about him from “The Curse of Oak Island”.

David Fornetti is an American TV personality known for “The Curse of The Oak Island”.

Although he had previously only appeared on one episode of season one, seeing him again had cause confusion and surprise among many fans. 

David Fornetti Age

David Fornetti’s age has not been revealed yet. Estimating his age, he may be in his early 30s.

The man is quite secretive about his personal life and has not revealed his exact birthdate yet. 

Moreover, David Fornetti has not been documented on Wikipedia yet.

On the contrary to the other cast of the series, the said man has not appeared on the series for long but he has a profile and a bio on IMDb. 

Likewise, he has been mentioned on the Wikipedia of “The Curse of Oak Island”.

David Fornetti: The Curse of Oak Island

David Fornetti is one of the nephews of Rick Lagina and Marty Lagina. He is the son of their sister. 

He and his friend, William Castedo had appeared in one of the episodes of “The Curse of Oak Island”. 

While it may not be surprising to many, David Fornetti and Peter Fornetti are a family. 

Peter is a recurring character and producer of “The Curse of Oak Island”.

They are brothers and more pictures of them and their family can be viewed on Peter’s Instagram. 

He also has two other siblings: Dan and Julia Fornetti. 

What is David Fornetti’s Net Worth?

There is no information on David Fornetti’s net worth.

Aside from working in the TV show, we do not know what his work is or how much he earns.

Who is David Fornetti’s Wife?

David Fornett’s fiancée and soon-to-be wife are Abigail Kursave. 

They are getting married on May 8, 2021, in the presence of their friends and family. 

The couple met on January 20, 2019, and got engaged on August 21, 2020. 

Likewise, more details about their wedding can be viewed on this site and on their Instagram. 

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