The Devil All The Time Release Date, Cast, Plot and Trailer Explained

The Devil All The Time Release Date, Cast, Plot and Trailer Explained

The Devil All The Time Release Date, Cast, Plot and Trailer Explained

One of the most anticipated movies of 2020, The Devil All the Time is a psychological drama that is sure to set the summer array of movies on fire. It has been highly anticipated and is a sure summer hit. 

The cast is nothing but A-listers and it also has a stellar plot to boot. Based on an acclaimed novel, the film is sure to keep people on the edge of their seats.

The Devil All the Time: Release Date

The movie’s release date is set on September 16, 2020. It will most probably have an online release as the pandemic is still raging all over the world. 

Netflix is set to distribute the film globally so fans of the stars need not worry for the availability of the film.

Netflix: The Devil All The TimeCast And Crew 

Tom Holland, became a teen icon with his role in Spider-Man films and the MCU films. He is already a global star even at a young age and he is starring in The Devil All the Time. 

Holland lays Arvin Russell who is one of the characters who must deal with the post-war USA. He must also struggle with the demons he himself has. 

Robert Pattinson is also taking a role on the film. He doesn’t need any introduction and is most famous for the Twilight series. In addition to this, he is also the net batman. 

Preston Teagardin is played by Robert and he really brings out the horrors of the time that they live in. PTSD and other mental illnesses that have not yet been diagnosed are also a theme of this film and character. 

Swedish actor Bill Skarsgård who is perhaps best known for his portrayal of the clown Pennywise on the horror-thriller film series IT (2017) and It Chapter Two (2019). 

The actor’s masterful depiction of Willard Russell is also one of the highlights of the film. Although seeing him without the clown makeup is always unusual. 

The Film Is Based On A Book: Plot

The Devil All the Time is based on a novel of the same name by American writer Donald Ray Pollock. The original edition was published in 2011 under the title The Devil All the Time by Doubleday, the German translation by Peter Torberg in 2012 at the Liebeskind bookshop. The novel is considered a representative of Country Noir.

The time span is between 1945 and 1966. As in Pollock’s debut Knockemstiff, the relationship between people and religion plays a central role in the story and belief that often takes extreme expressions.

The same applies to the role of violence and sex in the lives of the characters. Pollock’s style is naturalistic with a penchant for a drastic and detailed description of the extreme. The novel has strong autobiographical features.

Private Willard Russell returns from the war, where he has experienced disturbing excesses of violence and drives to his home village Coral Creek. On the way, he notices a waitress while eating in Meade.

In the church of Coal Creek, he witnesses the grotesque service of Roy Laferty and the paralyzed Theodore Daniels, who is sitting in a wheelchair and playing the guitar, in which Laferty ecstatically pours a glass full of spiders over his head. 

The film also follows the novel almost identically. The story is essential for the period in America between the second great war and the Vietnam war. The film will be similar in story to The Master but obviously without the cult element. 

All of the characters are disturbed and they will follow a character arc similar to the destructive nature of war. Crime is also a central theme of the film. 


The trailer was released on 3rd August 2020

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