The Reytons Wikipedia Tour – Where Are The Reytons From?

Who Are The Musical Group The Reytons? Everything You Need To Know

Who Are The Musical Group The Reytons? Everything You Need To Know

The Reytons are an Indie rock group that still awaits a Wikipedia presence. Know The Reytons tour and member details.

The Reytons are a group of musical artists from England. They mostly create Indie Rock music.

The Reytons Wikipedia – Who Are They?

The Reytons lack a Wikipedia page of their own yet. Nonetheless, one can find their information all over the internet.

The musical group realizes the voice of the streets to a musical form. They have impressive lyrical content or storytelling. 

The Reytons say they mix the indie rock genre with a few folk emotions. Also, they never aim to make just a particular type of music.

As a matter of fact, these talented artists enjoy making music. They say they are delighted that people are loving the music they are creating.

On the other hand, they are influenced by everyday life stories and the normal people around them. It means their influence is not just a specific artist or musical band.

The Reytons Tour Details

The Reytons are planning a tour for their new album. They have scheduled nine events in 2021 starting from September.

They will perform all the way from Sheffield to Glasgow and from London to Leicester. 

Interestingly, The Reytons will be going on a European Tour in 2022. They will be performing in the nations including Germany, Belgium, Austria, and the Netherlands. 

The Reytons will be releasing their debut album on September 24 this year. Meanwhile, they have opened the pre-order of the album since May.

Likewise, they performed at The Leadmill on July 22.

Where are The Reytons from? Meet The Members

The Reytons are from Doncaster, a town in South Yorkshire, England. It seems all the members are from the city.

The Reytons include four members. Jonny Yerrell is their lead singer while Joe O’Brien is the lead guitarist.

Similarly, Lee Holland plays the bass guitar and Sean O’Connor is the one who hits the drums. They work together to bring musical variety to the group.

The Reytons Age and Net Worth

The Reytons band’s age seems to be five years old now. We estimated that based on their Twitter presence.

Actually, the information about when the members formed the band is not available.

Similarly, they have not shared how The Reytons name came up.

Likewise, The Reytons’ present net worth is much of a mystery for now. We have no clue how much fortune they made though the sale of their music so far.

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