The Twelve Netflix Cast, Release Date, Plot and Trailer Explained

The Twelve Netflix Cast, Release Date, Plot and Trailer Explained
The Twelve Netflix Cast, Release Date, Plot and Trailer Explained

Netflix’s The Twelve is a crime-drama series that portrays the story of 12 jurors pulled at random as they attend the trial of a controversial case that will decide the future of a murdered girl’s family and all the suspects. 

As ever, the streaming platform has taken a foreign series and made it a globally hyped show. This time the show is originally from Belgium and is called “De Twaalf” in the country. 

What’s The Release Date Of The Belgian Crime-Drama? 

The series originally came out on 3 November 2019 in Belgium and aired on the One network. 

Similarly, the show was made available on the Dutch channel of Netflix from April 17, 2020. 

Plot & Premise

The show starts off with 12 random people who are selected as jury members in a controversial and publicized case that will change the lives of all the jury. 

Fri Palmers is the main suspect for a murder case that is a bit too personal. Her character is portrayed as guilty at first sight but layers of her personality slowly unfold that keep the audience gripped. 

As the series [progresses, faces from the past show up like Donald Vantomme, who investigated the murder of Britt Vogel, for 14 years from 2000 to 2014. 

He testifies in court and has to explain that he was taken off the case as he was not getting anywhere. 

The things take another turn when FJP Commissioner Helen Pascual, presents straight facts as to why and how the police caught Fri Palmers for the murders 18 years after they had been committed.

This puts the spotlight back on Fri as the jury debates her guilt and innocence. Questions of morality and justice are frequently discussed by the jury.

Due to the weight of the case, the events of the courtroom start affecting the juror’s personal lives.

Then, Marc Vogel the father of one of the victims says that he never thought Fri was guilty of the murder. 

Stefan, the ex-boyfriend of murder victim Britt, is presented in court and slowly becomes the main witness of the case. He is linked to the murders of ex Britt and his daughter Rose, which occurred 14 years apart.

Fri is let-off for a bit as a former main suspect, Guy Vanneste, is called to court and testifies. 

Margot Tindemans and Lutgard Tindemans, who are Stefan Munk’s new girlfriend and mother-in-law respectively, are the last witnesses but after them, expert witnesses which includes the coroner and the legal psychiatrist come in. 

Commissioner Pascual presents a reconstruction of the murders but that is countered by Marc Vogel and his legal team who present evidence to the court that could potentially incriminate Stefan. 

The evidence that they present is proof that Stefan lied in his testimony and they accuse him of the murders. The last episode closes out with the jury having to decide the guilt or innocence of Fri while taking all the new evidence into account. 

One of the jury members also leaks info to the press making him ineligible for the rest of the proceedings. 

The Twelve Netflix Cast:

Maaike Cafmeyer plays one of the central characters, Frie Palmers, of the show and is suspected of the murders at first. Aimé Claeys and Johan Heldenbergh portray Stefaan/Stefan who is ambiguous, his character holds a poker face. 

Some of the other big-name actors with main roles in the series include Maaike Neuville as Delphine Nails, Charlotte De Bruyne as Holly Ceusters, among others. 

Rating And Reception

De Twaalf has already earned an award, the best screenplay at the Canneseries festival in 2019. 

Similarly, IMDb has rated the show 7.7/10 but has gathered an incredible 91% on Rotten Tomatoes


The trailer of the show was released in early 2019, Netflix also has the trailer for the show on the show’s official page on their website. 

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