Thierry Witsel Wikipedia Age – Axel Witsel Dad Wife And Net Worth

Thierry Witsel Wikipedia Age – Axel Witsel Dad Wife And Net Worth

Thierry Witsel Wikipedia Age – Axel Witsel Dad Wife And Net Worth

Thierry Witsel has a Wikipedia bio but in Dutch. His dad is a Belgian politician of age 53. Know his wife and net worth.

Thierry is a politician and former footballer. He is recognized as the father of Belgian footballer Axel Witsel.

Thierry Witsel Wikipedia

Thierry Witsel’s Wikipedia bio is available.

Witsel’s Wikipedia page provides brief insights into his career and biography. We will cover in detail his bio and relation with his son Axel.

Thierry is a Belgian politician. Interestingly, he was a candidate for the Walloon elections in 2019. In fact, he came 7th on the list of Party Socialiste in the district of Liege.

To point out, Witsel won the elections and earned a seat at the Walloon Parliament. He represented the Parliament of the French Community in Belgium.

Apart from his political career, Thierry was a footballer himself. He played provincial football in Liege province of Belgium. Axel’s father has around a decade of playing career.

Later, Thierry worked for the Standard Liege football club, training players under 11 years old. Similarly, he was an assistant to the coach of the RCS Verlaine football club.

Thierry’s net worth is not available. His son Axel has a net worth of around €30 million.

Thierry Witsel Age: How Old Is He?

Thierry Witsel’s age is 53 years old.

The Belgian politician was born on the island of Martinique. Thus, he belongs to the Caribbean origin.

However, he migrated to Liege, Belgium, when he reached 8 years of age. So, Thierry bears a Belgian nationality.

In his early days, Thierry served in construction for a decade and a half. He worked as a bricklayer and a foreman there.

Witsel graduated in pedagogy. Soon after completing his education, he started working as a special education teacher.

Thierry Witsel Wife and Family: Axel Witsel Dad

Thierry Witsel’s wife is Sylvie Witsel.

His wife is of Belgian origin. Thus, his son Axel shares a mixed origin. Besides, it is clear when the two married.

Witsel’s family has two children, Axel and his younger sister named Whitney. The Witsel couple welcomed their first child Axel on January 12, 1989.

Axel went on to be a footballer like his dad. He made his professional debut with Standard Liege, where his dad worked for a few years.

Today, the 32-year-old midfielder is a key player for both Borussia Dortmund and the Belgian national team.

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