Thomas Middleditch Accuser Age And Instagram Bio

Who is Hannah Harding? Everything To Know On Thomas Middleditch Accuser

Who is Hannah Harding? Everything To Know On Thomas Middleditch Accuser

Hannah Harding recently accused Thomas Middleditch of sexual misconduct in LA Goth club Cloak & Dagger, Hollywood in 2019. The goth club was a private club in LA and is now closed.

Thomas Middleditch is a popular actor who is known for his role as Richard Hendricks in Silicon Valley. Thomas got nominated for Primetime Emmy Award. Hannah accused Middleditch of sexual misconduct towards her girlfriend and herself.

Who is the LA Goth nightclub accuser? Stay with the article to find out more.

Hannah Harding: Who Is Thomas Middleditch Accuser?

Hannah Harding accused Thomas Middleditch of sexual misconduct.

The news was exposed by several media houses and publications on March 21, 2021. It was revealed that Thomas Middleditch made lewd sexual overtures towards Hannah and her girlfriend. There were several employees of the club and members of the club when the incident took place, reports Entertainment Weekly.

One of the main witnesses was the operations manager of the club, Kate Morgan. LA Goth club Cloak & Dagger was one of the most famous members-only clubs in Hollywood. Thomas Middleditch was one of the regulars at the club’s uninhibited parties.

What Is Hannah Harding Age?

Hannah Harding’s age is 23 years in 2021.

Hannah was 21-years-old when the sexual misconduct took place in 2019. Kate Morgan alerted the club’s co-founders Michael Patterson and Adam Bravin about the misconduct but they ignored it.

A week later, Adam Bravin reached out to Kate Morgan to tell her that she was probably mistaken about the incident.

Hannah Harding’s Instagram Bio Revealed

Hannah Harding’s Instagram bio is not present at the moment.

Hannah received an Instagram DM from Thomas Middleditch apologizing for making her uncomfortable. Regarding the case update, so far, no criminal, civil, or legal charges have been placed against Middleditch.

Harding detailed her allegations to the Los Angeles Times and is yet to comment further. Thomas Middleditch and his representatives have declined to comment anything about the case, reports Complex.

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