Tia Torres Daughter Tania Torres and Mariah Torres: Age, Wikipedia Bio

Who are Tia Torres Daughter, Tania Torres and Mariah Torres? Details On Their Age, Wikipedia and Bio

Who are Tia Torres Daughter, Tania Torres and Mariah Torres? Details On Their Age, Wikipedia and Bio

Who are Tia Torres Daughter, Tania Torres, and Mariah Torres? The American reality TV star, Tia Torres is renowned for her love and care for animals and as a rescuer of dogs, especially Pitbull, one of the dangerous species of dogs. She owns one of the largest dog centers in the United States, “Villalobos Rescue Center“. She gained fame from the American reality TV series on Animal Planet, “Pitbull and Parolees”.

We have also seen Tania Torris and Mariah Torres Harmony in “Pitbull and Parolees” as the daughters of Tia Torres. So if you are wondering who is Tania Torres, and Mariah Torres, and want to know about the details on their age, Wikipedia, and bio, then you are in the right place. Here is everything we know about Tia Torres’s daughters, Tania and Mariah Torres.

Tania Torres Age

Tania Torres was born on 6th May 1985 in California, United States. As of 2020, Tania is 35 years old.  Tania was raised by Tia Torres as a single mother. Tania’s biological father was a gang member and is said that he was shot during a drug deal when Tania was just a child. The name of her father is not revealed.

Mariah Torres Age

Mariah Torres is the youngest child of Tia Torres. Mariah was born on 16th September 1991. Currently, she is 28 years old. Her step father‘s name is Aren Marcus Jackson. There is no information on her biological father.

Tania Torres and Mariah Torres Profession

As we saw in the reality show, Pitbull and Parolees, Tania also has love and passion for dogs. She helps her mother at the Villalobos Rescue Center in New Orleans. Tania has also been in the TV  industry for a long time. She is known for her acting roles in movies like “Dirty Jokes The Movie”, “Face 2 Face”, and few more. She has also written a book called “My Life Among The Underdogs”.

On the other hand, Mariah Torres is also a reality star known for Pitbull and parolees. Apart from that, she is also a former model. She started to appear in several beauty pageants since she was 10 years old. 

Tania and Mariah have a special and unique appearance that is worth mentioning. They both have beautiful and unique hair colors. They also several piercings and tattoos. The tattoos include a pitbull with angel wings, the third eye symbol, trees, dog sloth, and many more. 

Tania Torres husband and family

Tania is married to Perry Sanchez. Perry is 31 years old, he is from Westwego. Perry is also an animal lover and has the same passion for dogs as his wife. They have been married for almost 4 years. Their wedding was very unique as she got married in a black wedding dress instead of white. Tania and Perry are happily married and are the parents of a daughter, Salem Wolf. Salem is a cute little 3-years old baby girl. They used to live in Santa Clarita but currently, they reside in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Mariah Torres husband and family

According to several sources, Mariah Torres has been engaged to her girlfriend named Florencia Carcagno a.k.a Lady Tragik in 2012. However, she posts several photos in her social media with a guy called Marcel calling him her man. Mariah is very secretive about her personal life and she has not confirmed any of this news. Mariah says that she does not want to be labeled as a bi-sexual or gay.

Tania and Mariah Torres’s Social Media Bio

Tania and Mariah both are active on social media. The Instagram name of Tania Torres is “@pandoras_box_“. She has more than 89.5K followers there. Similarly, Mariah has the Instagram name “@mariah_harmony_“. She has 10K followers. Likewise, the Facebook bio of Tania and Mariah are @TaniaBluieTorres and @MariahHarmony respectively. They post several photos of themselves and Pitbulls in their social media.

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