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Who is Luljaime On Tiktok? Twitter Drama Explained

Who is Luljaime On Tiktok? Twitter Drama Explained

Luljaime was exposed on Twitter. What is the Drama all about? 

Luljaime is on Tiktok since November 25, 2019. See more about the 6 feet tall Tik Tok star below.

What happened to Luljaime? Twitter Drama Explained

When you peek through Luljaime’s Twitter account or Tik Tok videos, it might seem a simple posts/content he made.

You might see that the Tik Tok user is just trying to be him.

But when you go through a closer look at his Twitter and Tik Tok, you get everything about him, which is weird and funny at the same time.

The 19 years-old social media star also features some motivational content on the platform, while some are too weird to see.

Moreover, many compared him with the Cupcake recently for which he posted a tweet stating;

Alright, who did this? don’t compare me to Mr.cupcake, man we not the same.#luljaime #NickiMinaj #LeBronJames #edp445.”

Likewise, his Tik Tok videos featuring him rapping garnered a pile of funny comments.

Moreover, people are using hashtags and making fun of this Tik Tok user.

But he did not care about his backlash except for his family. He came forth on Tik Tok addressing the backlash. He mentioned, “It’s fake. I can’t deal with this any longer, but I don’t get why it has to go this far.

The weird videos have been the primal point of focus for many Twitter and Tik Tok users, making his hashtags and exposing his weird content online.

Luljaime is active on Twitter as @luljaime0, and he has only 13 followers on the platform.

Who is Luljaime On Tiktok?

Luljaime is a Tik Tok star.

He is active on Tik Tok, a short video platform, under the username @luljaime.

Currently, he treasures more than 153.4k followers on the platform and has enriched over 13.8 million likes.


Like I’ll be the DJ/butler instead ##foryoupage ##fyp ##fromrighhere ##friends ##justforfun ##drip ##awholevibe ##issavibe ##notawaterperson

♬ original sound – Dre

Luljaime Age: What Is His Real Name?

Luljaime is currently 19 years old.

He was born in 2002 in San Jose, California, in the United States.

His Tik Tok account showcases his age and what content he pours on the platform. He categorized his creativity and fashion to manifest modern era ‘Bay Area Style’ based Tik Toks.

Luljaime’s real name is James “Lul Jaime” Vite Bojorquez.

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