TikTok Comment Like BOT Zefoy.com Viral Website Review

ZEFOY: TikTok Comment Like BOT Zefoy.com Viral Website Review

ZEFOY: TikTok Comment Like BOT Zefoy.com Viral Website Review

In the following article, you will learn about ZEFOY: TikTok Comment Like BOT Zefoy.com Viral Website Review. A website, Zefoy has taken TikTok by storm, but what is this phenomenon? And what Zefoy does? Here are all you need to know.

What is ZEFOY?

Zefoy is a website that many users of Tiktok have been using to fake their followers, likes, views, shares, and comments.

It is a new type of application in 2021 and has going viral on TikTok as of recent memory but what’s so impressive about it?

Well, as of any sort of TikTok bot as you don’t need to log into your account to have receives, the likes, comments, or followers.

Is ZEFOY TikTok Real? 

As with any social media bot, there is not much certainty about that site’s authenticity and it should certainly be used with care and caution.


please zefoy put it back open it 😢#zefoylike

♬ Nostalgy – AShamaluevMusic

As a viewer, seeing that someone on TikTok is full of bot accounts certainly appears to look less credible, and actually encourages people not to interact with the social media account.

The new sites like Zefoy are hugely popular and rising on the internet, but there are other ways to boost up TikTok popularity that don’t involve fooling and deceiving your followers.

How To Collect Free Like and Comment On TikTok?

So the question arises of how to get free likes and comments on the TikTok platform.

Well, nobody really knows TikTok’s full details of the algorithm process, but there are several things that are known to get free like, and comment on it.

  1. Get your niche and think of new and innovative video ideas.
  2. Use your very own audio that should be recorded or use trending music or interesting sounds.
  3. Make the video short and to the point.
  4. Tell a story or give some advice.
  5. Do something a bit controversial or funny.
  6. Make sure that you are relatable to the topic that you are trying to address in the video.
  7. Post frequently on TikTok.

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