Tiktok Drama And Rabiya Mateo Twitter

What happened to Jam Magno Tiktok? Twitter Drama and Comments

What happened to Jam Magno Tiktok? Twitter Drama and Comments

Social media influencer Jam Magno TikTok issue and comments on Rabiya Mateo are flooding on Twitter. Her ongoing comment issue has raised the eyebrows of millions of viewers. 

A young teenage girl named Jam Magno is a Youtube vlogger and Instagrammer. She has been the talk of the town after sharing comments between the University of the Philippines and the Department of National Defense through TikTok. 

Moreover, she has gained a massive fan following on Instagram. Her self-titled YouTube channel has about 8.16k subscribers. Most of her live streaming videos have hundred and thousands of views on this platform.

Nevertheless, Magno is probably a married woman. Unfortunately, she keeps a low profile on the internet.

Jam Magno TikTok Drama (Issue)

Recently, Jam Magno uploaded a TikTok video, where she has criticized UP students and states that they are killing Filipinos.


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She has been criticizing the work of government and raising questions that are not appreciable at all. Users are showing their hatred and passing negative comments to her.

However, she has 578.9k followers and 10.9 million likes. Well, people are supporting and showing their love in her videos.

Magno Another Twitter Controversial Statement Against Rabiya Mateo

Jam tweeted on Rabiyo Mateo on May 15 on Twitter. 

Mateo, A Filipino beauty queen, has showcased the symbolism of the Philippine flag in her costume.

Whatsoever, Rabiya knew that there might be few people who may dislike her performance or her costume. Well, she apologized who found it offensive in any case.

What Happened to Jam Magno? Video Explained

Jam Magno is a YouTuber. She often shares her thought and ideas against political decisions.

Well, Nothing is personal for her, and she always wants peace. She often shares her point of view on this pandemic. Currently, she has raised comments on UP students and whispers they automatically produce terrorists and rebels.

Well, people are not supporting her in this case. 

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