TikTok: Interior Crocodile Alligator Song Lyrics: Meme and Meaning Explained

TikTok: Interior Crocodile Alligator Song Lyrics: Meme and Meaning Explained
TikTok: Interior Crocodile Alligator Song Lyrics: Meme and Meaning Explained

“Interior Crocodile Alligator” is the new song that’s getting featured on lots of TikTok videos these days. The song is a basic rap song with a sick beat on the behind but people mostly make memes and weird content out of this song. I have to say not all the content created on this song is funny ad great but some are truly wonderful.

What Is “Interior Crocodile Alligator” Song?

Interior Crocodile Alligator is the actual title of the song and those words get featured in the very first line of the song. Originally made by Chip The Rapper, this song gives big Florida vibes when talking about crocodiles and alligators and interiors.

The song is licensed to Empire but recently has gone to new heights of popularity because some TikTokers decided to use it in their videos. When thousands of TikTokers use your song for a video, you know that it’s going to be really popular.


improvising at its finest! ##fyp ##washing ##tiedye ##soap ##indoorworkout

♬ Interior Crocodile Alligator – Chip Tha Ripper

This is the kind of videos people are making from this song and I have to say the song works for lots of different types of videos. The lyrics are backed up a sick beat and a very generalized sort of lyrics that seems to be fit for lots of different moods.

Interior Crocodile Alligator Song Lyrics

The Interior Crocodile Alligator song starts with “Yeah, Chip The Rapper….” and then after some “uhh yeah ayy…..” that’s typically used in rap songs, the song starts to go in a nice flow with a good rap by Chip The Rapper.

Look at this Youtube video of the “TikTok Lyrics” channel to find out the whole lyrics of the song. You could always use google but lyrics video is the best way to know the lyrics of the song because you get to hear it while looking at the lyrics.

But the signature line of the rap is very cool. When chip goes Interior crocodile Alligator…I drive a Chevrolet movie theatre, I was feeling the song.

Interior Crocodile Alligator Memes On TikTok

There are lots of memes that feature the “Interior Crocodile Alligator” song. There isn’t any specific kind of memes like some challenges or trends that we see in Tiktok. However, people are using this song to post any kind of memes that they see fit.


##fyp ##funny ##quarantinelife

♬ Interior Crocodile Alligator – brotherbe4r

As you can see, this girl right here is making fun of her Snapchat addiction. If you are one of those people who get hundreds of snaps, you will really laugh at this meme but there are some people who won’t get this meme.

The funny part of the meme should be the caption you write or anything visual you do because the song isn’t that funny. The song is very cool and you could really vibe at the party with this song but people are using it to make memes.


##foryoupage ##fyp

♬ Interior Crocodile Alligator – brotherbe4r

There aren’t any rules or standards to meet when it comes to memes. Really silly kinds of stuff are also pretty funny at times. As you can see in this video posted by @rachelgutterson, a small ant taking a bid piece of food is really funny when you read the caption.

But not memes are this funny. Humor is subjective as we all know but this is the absolute peak of memes using this song on TikTok.

What Does Interior Crocodile Alligator Mean On Tiktok?

As I have already explained, Interior Crocodile Alligator is a song on Tiktok and it has no other meanings than that. What it represents is a sick song with a great vibe about it. You could listen to it, have fun but lots of TikTokers have mostly used it to feature on their memes.

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