TikTok is Flooded With Wide Putin Walking Memes

It’s Him Meme : TikTok is Flooded With Wide Putin Walking Memes

It’s Him Meme : TikTok is Flooded With Wide Putin Walking Memes

Have you come across this really hilarious meme video on TikTok called ‘It’s him meme’? It is also known as ‘Wide Putin Walking’ in which people do a walk looking like a very overconfident person and their video is wide-stretched. Well whether you have already seen it on TikTok or not, we are going to explain everything about this viral meme video in this article.

It’s Him Meme

It’s Him meme, also known as ‘Wide Putin Walking’ or ‘Imagine if’ is a video of the President of Russia, Vladimir Putin, walking down the hallway with the background music of “Song for Denise-(Maxi Version)” while the video is being stretched to make him look very wide.

To make the meme video, people caption the video with something that feels overconfident or some phrase like ‘Imagine it this happens,….then I would be like this.”

The origin of this meme called ‘It’s Him’ was the video footage of Putin coming back from his fourth term inauguration on May 7th, 2018. But the meme version of this footage first appeared in social media on 2nd February 2020 which was uploaded on Telegram. It is now viral in all social media platforms including YouTube, Reddit, and TikTok.

TikTok is Flooded With Wide Putin Walking Meme

TikTok is one of the most popular social media apps. There are different fun dance videos, lip-syncing videos, challenges, and comedy meme videos. One of the meme videos getting really popular nowadays is ‘It’s him’ meme. This Wide Putin Walking meme has flooded all over TikTok.

The meme videos on TikTok is slightly different than the original ‘It’s Him’ meme. Tiktok users are making their own version of Wide Walking Putin- It’s Him video by uploading a distorted and wide stretched video of themselves with the same background music of Piano titled ‘Song for Denise (Maxi Version)’.

These videos are perfectly captioned with the moments when they feel confident and walk like a boss. This meme is just intended to sound comical and humorous because of the distorted video format and unique tune, that in combination makes the video even funnier.

The first person to upload the wide walking meme on TikTok was the TikTok user @slavik2.00 by making the video of Borris Johnson, Prime minister of the UK.


##based ##alphawalk ##Boris ##borisjohnson

♬ dźwięk oryginalny – slavik2.00

After that, many users have started to replicate the same video with the same background sound but in their own version and caption. The caption by users in the TikTok version of the ‘It’s Him’ meme is somewhat like this example, “Imagine if a man got to the top of feminism hashtag, that would be funny”. Or about the situation when they would feel very confident and kind of ‘Like a boss’.

This original sound on TikTok by @slavik2.00 is used by over 37.2K TikTok users until now and the TikTok is flooding with Wide Putin Walking meme.

Wide Putin Walking Meme Original Song and Video

 The Wide Putin Walking Meme has come from the video footage when President Vladimir Putin walks after his fourth term inauguration in May 2018. You can watch the full-length video and the original song “Song for Denise (Maxi Version)” here.


Wide Putin Walking Meme is Viral Over Reddit 

This Wide Putin Walking-It’s Him has not only become viral in YouTube and TikTok but it has reached its peak in Reddit also. Several Reddit users are also making similar memes. A Reddit user called KlausKreutz posted this Wide Walking Putin meme on his Reddit account on 9th June 2020. He has received more than  319 upvotes as of now.

Wide putin walking from r/dankvideos


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