TikTok: LOL Dolls Surprise In Ice Cold Water: Inappropriate Lingerie

TikTok: LOL Dolls Surprise In Ice Cold Water: Inappropriate Lingerie

TikTok: LOL Dolls Surprise In Ice Cold Water: Inappropriate Lingerie

LOL Dolls are the new TikTok trend everyone is getting behind. It has caused a bit of a controversial stir due to certain things and we are going to explore that topic as well. It’s normal for Tik Tok to be a place for advertisements these days and LOL Dolls also found a place there to be filmed and advertised. LOL Dolls has an account on Tik Tok but it’s private.

LOL Dolls stands of Little Outrageous Dolls and they look very cute. These dolls appear slightly edgy as the name itself suggests they are outrageous. These dolls have big heads and a very big pair of eyes and fundamentally differ from the design of a barbie doll and are available in different themes. there are LOL Dolls for girls and boys of all personality.


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This is one of the videos that is famous on TikTok. As I had said, the design is very cute and could be a very loveable toy. People on Tik Tok have made a lot of videos about these dolls.

TikTok LOL Dolls

LOL Dolls aka Little Outrageous Dolls are the doll designs designed for kids (well, dolls definitely are for kids, not for adults…) and they were getting pretty famous in Tik Tok for their cute design but recently that conversation is being overtaken by another side of LOL Dolls- the creepy side.

There is a lot of conversation going on about these dolls. Just to put it in perspective, videos with hashtag #loldolls on Tik Tok have garnered about 81.1 million views as of 14 August 2020. There are Twitter threads about people talking about these dolls. 


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A while ago, it used to be about how cute and wonderful these dolls are but now, it’s about the creepy part. There is a slight problem with LOL Dolls. When they said LOL dolls were a little outrageous, things have been discovered that were not so little. Let’s discuss more of that…

TikTok LOL Dolls Surprise In Cold Water

Recently, people discovered a horrible thing about LOL Dolls. Apparently, they change their appearances when they are dropped in ice-cold water. That must sound exciting- a children’s toy changes color when being dipped in the cold water but it’s not.

Apparently, what happens is that when you drop a LOL doll in cold water, it becomes inappropriate as it shows dolls wearing lingerie and being naked. See it for yourself on a Tik Tok video posted by @mariannenafsu.


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That’s very inappropriate. To make a toy designed for children under 5 years of age that outrageous is not funny at all. Someone on the design team and company must have thought that it was going to be okay and people were going to take things lightly but it worked against them.

TikTok LOL Dolls: Inappropriate Lingiere Controversy

Does putting LOL Dolls on water reveal lingerie? That’s a very pressing question for a parent and especially if you have brought these dolls to your kids.

This mother decided to do a little test and discovered that the dolls in fact appeared to have put on lingerie. People are calling out these dolls for a weird subversion of image they have done to an innocent toy.

People on Twitter have used hashtags such as #saveourchildren and other catchy hashtags. It s alright to be outraged about something that’s going to affect your kids and definitely more so when those things suggest nudity and inappropriateness.

Maybe people in the LOL Doll company must not try too hard to make these dolls outrageous but just make them more friendly to play.

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