TikTok: Mark Bontempo Age: Jojo Siwa Boyfriend

TikTok: Jojo Siwa Is Dating Boyfriend Mark Bontempo in 2020

TikTok: Jojo Siwa Is Dating Boyfriend Mark Bontempo in 2020

The American dancer, singer, actress, and TikTok sensation, Jojo Siwa revealed her boyfriend Mark Bontempo through a TikTok video just recently. Having over 27 million followers on TikTok, this 17-year-old social media star Jojo had kept her mysterious boyfriend under wraps for a long time and now on the occasion of National Girlfriend’s day, she finally revealed about him.

So, who is this lucky boyfriend of Jojo Siwa, Mark Bontempo? Here is everything we know about him and about how we got to know that she is dating him.

Jojo Siwa Dating Mark Bontempo in 2020

It is official that Jojo Siwa is dating Mark Bontempo. First, we got to see the TikTok video of Jojo Siwa in which the two of them are doing a viral couple challenge on TikTok called “He got all the drugs and I got all the Guns”.


Meet Mark:) @mark.bontempo

♬ Famous (I’m the One) – Mozzy & IAMSU!

Mark Bontempo has put a plenty of effort into dancing and dressing up like a girl for the video on the song “Famous-I’m the One” by Mozzy. And as if this cute video is not enough for the revelation of their relationship, Jojo has put a caption saying “Meet mark” with a smiley emoticon by tagging Mark’s Tiktok account.

On the other hand, Mark Bontempo also shared a video on his TikTok account the next day with the hashtag #nationalgirlfriendsday.

That video consists of him doing a duet for an old TikTok video of Jojo Siwa where she is putting her fingers down for each secret. And when she was asked if she is currently dating anyone or not, she did put her finger down revealing that she is not single, that’s when Mark shows Jojo laying by his side in his part of the video. Plus, his caption states that if the one she is dating is not him then Jojo Siwa has got some explaining to do.

Now, these two definitely have a fun way of revealing their relationship and I gotta say, they do look quite adorable together.


##duet with @createchaosgossip @itsjojosiwa if it’s not me you have some explaining to do ##nationalgirlfriendday

♬ News Update – Parry Music

According to Seventeen, Mark and Jojo have been dating each other since May. She was always ready to share any information of her life to her fan base and it was up to Mark who had to decide whether he wants to reveal the relationship to the public or not. It seems he gave in. Jojo says that her boyfriend Bontempo is like a dream, so unreal and she is very happy to be with him.

Who is Jojo’s boyfriend Mark Bontempo?

If you think Mark’s last name is somewhat familiar, then you are right because he is the younger brother of another social media star Madison Bontempo. So Mark is the uncle of Madison’s twins, Tatum and Oakley.

Mark Bontempo is an American singer. He is also a social media star with above 19K followers in his Instagram account. He also has a professional account typically for his music, covers, and some original songs under the name “@marks__music“.

There is not much information about his age, education, and net worth yet. it seems like Mark is also a teenager much like Jojo. Based on his singing talent, popularity, and looks he definitely is an upcoming star singer.

We are very happy to know about the boyfriend of the famous teenage star Jojo Siwa and we definitely want to know more about him. Hopefully, we will get to see lots of cute videos of the couple on their social media.

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