Tiktok: Milena Shelia Wanted On 4 Counts Of Robbery: Age, Instagram

Tiktok: Milena Shelia Wanted On 4 Counts Of Robbery

Tiktok: Milena Shelia Wanted On 4 Counts Of Robbery

Milena Shelia may be famous as a TikToker but she garnered a lot of hate from people after she allegedly committed 4 counts of armed robbery. her huge following on TikTok and other various platforms has also decreased due to the unproven allegations.

In this current cancel culture phenomenon that we are living in, many people have spoken for boycotting the star without there being any official evidence. 

Milena Shelia Wanted On 4 Counts Of Robbery?

Social media and the whole web is buzzing with the news of the star being wanted on 4 counts of robbery. Even her own fans are discussing her robbery case on various social portals. 

While official sources and the authorities are yet to confirm the case, fans have already taken the news to their discussions. The authorities have not released any official statement yet regarding the case and have not even confirmed that the star is involved in any way with the case. 

There is no solid information about her arrest or trial so we would suggest that you take this news with a grain of salt. 

What Is Milena Shelia’s Punishment?

While her crime is yer to be officially heard and proved in court as of July 2020, if she gets convicted she is facing various serious sentences. 

Each state treats robbery very seriously, in fact in most US states the perpetrator if found guilty will serve a minimum of 1 year in prison while also paying a hefty fine.


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Most robberies are treated as a felony and aggravated robberies along with armed robberies almost always land the perp in jail. According to this site, the value of the items robbed rarely comes into play in court and judges usually hand out tough sentences to robbers. 

In legal terms, robbery is different from theft as there is no violence in a theft. This is one of the main reasons why robberies are treated very seriously. 

How Are Fans Reacting To Milena Shelia’s Alleged Crime?

Social media is filled with discussions regarding the current situation of the star. Many of her fans are berating her and are posting that they will stay away from her content from now on, as impulsive as this seems due to the lack of official evidence it is the new era of cancel culture. 

Some people have also blocked her entirely from their TikTok accounts. Others have taken this a step further by blocking her on all other social media platforms. 


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Another group of fans is taking a neutral standpoint and has not taken either side in the debate. it seems they are waiting for further evidence before they act erratically. 

In a similar fashion, fans loyal to the TikToker have already shown their immense support for the star in her time of need, they believe that due to the lack of evidence and official word, she might be innocent. 

Her fans have also argued that it is too early to judge her and it is the job of the court and jury to pass the judgment. 

Other TikTokers Who Allegedly Committed Crimes

Bryce Hall and Jaden Hossler, the famous TikTokers were arrested in May 2020 on drug charges. Hall was found with less than 2 ounces of marijuana which is a misdemeanor in texas law and his friend Hossler also had 2 ounces of weed along wot h400 grams of a controlled substance. 


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Another TikToker, Eladhm was arrested in Egypt after the Interior Ministry found her “violating Egyptian family values”. She was placed in detention as further investigations went on. 

Similarly, 4 people in India made a TikTok inside a police station which landed them in jail.

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