TikTok Star Who Died From Overdose In Benadryl Challenge

Who Was Chloe Marie Phillips? TikTok Star Who Died From Overdose In Benadryl Challenge

Who Was Chloe Marie Phillips? TikTok Star Who Died From Overdose In Benadryl Challenge

Chloe Marie Phillips was a TikToker who tragically passed away after taking part in the TikTok ‘Benadryl challenge’ and overdosing. The teenager was trying to do the extremely dangerous challenge in which people ingest large amounts of Benadryl. 

The drug is used to alleviate the symptoms of allergies but large amounts can cause various health complications including death. As a matter of fact, many health experts and doctors have come forward to warn about the dangers of doing the challenge after her death. 

Name Chloe Marie Phillips
Age 15 (at the time of death)
Gender Female
Nationality American
Profession TikToker
Parents Nicole and Dustin Cook
Siblings Lily, Hudson, and Ella Cook
Education Blanchard High School

10 Facts About Chloe Marie Phillips

  1. Chloe Marie Phillips was a 15-year-old girl at the time of her death. 
  2. The deceased’s great aunt Janette Sissy Leasure was one of the first to take to social media and warn other people about the dangerous challenge. 
  3. According to Chloe Marie Phillips’s Obituary the Phillips family published, she was survived by mother Nicole and father Dustin Cook.  
  4. Her siblings were Lily, Hudson, and Ella Cook who were shaken by the incident. 
  5. Her paternal grandfather Cory Phillips and his family also grieved the loss of Chloe. 
  6. She passed away after ingesting large amounts of Benadryl and overdosing as part of a TikTok challenge. The main aim of the challenge is to hallucinate by drinking lots of Benadryl, the allergy medication. 
  7. After hallucinations start, the creator will post the video on TikTok. TikTok Benadryl Challenge is one of the most dangerous challenges on the platform right along with the former Tide Pod and bleach challenge. 
  8. An overdose of allergy medication can cause severe side-effects. In fact, the FDA has issued a formal notice warning about heart problems and seizures that the misuse of medicine can cause. 
  9. Several other reports of teenagers being hospitalized have surfaced all over the USA. 
  10. Chloe’s death was one of the most severe cases of overdose and has served as a warning to those who want to do the challenge. 

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