TikTok: What Is Millennial Dance Challenge? How To Do The Millennial Dance Challenge

TikTok: What Is Millennial Dance Challenge? How To Do The Millennial Dance Challenge – Step By Step Guide

TikTok: What Is Millennial Dance Challenge? How To Do The Millennial Dance Challenge – Step By Step Guide

Millennials are taking over TikTok through the viral Old School Millennial Dance Challenge.

There are many fun dance challenges on TikTok and it is very easy for those challenges to go viral because before you know it, many people are already making similar videos. 

It’s not news that TikTok is dominated mostly by the Generation Z kids, but Millennials are proving their significant presence on TikTok through a viral dance challenge. This Millenial Dance Challenge that is taking over the For You page of TikTok by storm is being loved by millennials and even the Gen Z kids also admit that this dance is very fun and unique.

What is the Millennial Dance Challenge on TikTok?

The Millennial Dance Challenge on TikTok is a new challenge that is going viral on TikTok in which millennials are doing the iconic dance steps that were really popular and trending steps while growing up.

This challenge takes you down the memory lane and maybe that’s why the millennials are obsessed with this challenge as they get to reminisce about the real fun they had as kids.


Join me on this 90’s edition of the Go Crazy Challenge! ##fyp ##fypシ ##gocrazychallenge ##millennial ##dance ##90s ##millennialdancechallenge

♬ original sound – konkrete_

If you are confused about what generation is the Millennials, then here’s a tip, just think that the 80s and 90s kids are called millennials. Actually, according to popular media outlets, millennials are the generation Y people whose birth years fall between the early 80s and the mid-90s. 

Similarly, Generation Z kids are those people who were born in the mid to late 90s to early 2000s.  Basically, if you are younger than 24 years old then consider yourself a Generation Z kids. 

With this Millenial Dance Challenge, I guess now the Generation Z can learn something. Some might even say that they can learn something other than lame-ass arm movements so that you would not have to go to a party and just move your arms. Savage right? Well, its the gen Z kids themselves that are saying this.

Who started The Millenial Dance Challenge?

The first TikTok video for this Millennial Dance Challenge dates back to the TikTok users @nate_t3xas and @vonte_swang.


##savetiktok Let’s make this the LAST & BEST ##millennialdancechallenge DC: myself & @vonte_swang ##everybodydancenow ##millennialmemorylane

♬ Everybody Dance Now – nate_t3xas

These two users are popular for the dance duo videos and they are also the trendsetters of many other challenges like ‘GenX & Millennials TikTok Takeover Challenge’. They are also the founder of the ‘GenUnited’ dance challenge. 

They used the popular 90s songs and dance steps like Aunt Viv, TLC (W.A.Y.F), Alf/Troop, Dougie, Cat Daddy, Stanky Leg, and many more. Must be quite a surprise for the Millenials to see these steps going viral even now. 


Gen X & Millennials UNITE for the LAST TikTok Dance Challenge! DC:Me ##savetiktok ##millennialdancechallenge ##fyp ##genx ##throwback ##millennialmemorylane

♬ Finesse Remix Dance Break By Bruno Mars – nate_t3xas

How To Do The Millennial Dance Challenge – Step By Step Guide

Okay now the Millenials, if you are feeling nostalgic after seeing all these once-favorite dance steps then you must be longing to dance the way you used to do when you were younger. But chances are you might have forgotten the steps. Similarly, for the Gen Z people who want to try out this Millennial Dance Challenge they should also need a tutorial right?

Although not all the steps can be described through texts in this article, you may watch the video tutorial by the creators of this challenge. And follow the steps below to make your own video.

  1. First of all, open your TikTok app.
  2. You would have to pick suitable songs for the Old School dance moves. For that, search for #millennialdancechallenge.
  3. You may directly search the users  @nate_t3xas or @vonte_swang they have many parts of the videos on millennial dance challenge.
  4. Select any one such video and use the sound to make your own video.
  5. While you are at it, here is a tutorial video for the dance steps on their videos.

Tutorial for ##everybodydancenow challenge 🤣🤣 Follow @vonte_swang & myself ##UnitedWeDance ##millennialmemorylane ##millennialdancechallenge ##savetiktok

♬ Everybody Dance Now – nate_t3xas

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