Tim Gannon Resigns, His Wikipedia Bio

Who is Minnesota Police Chief Tim Gannon? Wife And Family Details

Who is Minnesota Police Chief Tim Gannon? Wife And Family Details

Minnesota Police Chief, Tim Gannon has resigned from the post. Get to know his Wikipedia bio here. 

Following the shooting of a 20-year-old black man in Brooklyn Center, Minnesota, it has been quite a hard time for police officers at the area. The fact that it was a veteran police officer who shot the black man has put idea of injustice and racism in people’s mind. 

However, the PD has been very open about the shooting saying it was a mistake. According to them, the officer mistakenly took the real pistol when she intended to just taser him with the stun one. 

Tim Gannon Minnesota Police Chief: Is he on Wikipedia?

Tim Gannon is not present on Wikipedia until now. 

The Minnesota Police chief was one of many police officers who justified the shooting by saying it was an unintended act. But the pressure has risen too much for him to handle and as a result, the police chief has resigned from his position. 

In a recent press conference, he mentioned that he will be stepping down from his position as the Brooklyn Center Police Chief. 

Tim Gannon Wife And Family

Tim Gannon has not revealed any information about his wife and children at the moment. 

A private policeman, Gannon prefers to keep his family out of the unnecessary spotlight, especially at times likes these. 

Moreover, Gannon has been serving in the Brooklyn Center Police Department for a several decades already. It was quite an emotional goodbye for him but his resignation was somewhat inevitable following all the anticipations after the shooting. 

What happened in the Brooklyn Center Shooting?

A Brooklyn Center Police officer, Kim Potter shot a 20-year-old black man, where the latter died of gunshot. 

In defence of the officer, she intended to taser him with the stun pistol but mistakenly shoots him with the real one. The police officer, along with the police chief has tendered to resignation yesterday, as per city’s mayor.  

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