Tina Gonzalez Husband Family & Net Worth: Is Correctional Office Marired?

Tina Gonzalez Husband Family & Net Worth: Is Correctionali Office Marired?

Tina Gonzalez Husband Family & Net Worth: Is Correctionali Office Marired?

Who is Tina Gonzalez husband? She has become a Reddit’s hot topic of discussion. Get to know her family and net worth from here.

Tina Gonzalez is a former correctional officer. She was the prison guard for the California jail but has now become an inmate herself.

Tina is accused of having an intimate relationship with a prisoner. Furthermore, she is blamed for supplying him with illegal prison objects.

Tina Gonzalez Husband: Is Correctional Office Married?

Tina Gonzalez has a husband- she is a married woman.

However, he has not been publicized in the media.

On the other hand, Tina Gonzalez blames her husband for her morally corrupted act.

According to Gonzalez, her marriage was falling apart when she committed the acts.

However, sooner or later, Tina Gonzalez will be confronted with her husband.

Likewise, no social media on her name could be discovered. It seems like she has deleted all her profiles following the incident.

Her Family Details

Tina Gonzalez is from an American family.

However, the details related to her parents and children are still a mystery.

Tina Gonzalez Net Worth

Tina Gonzalez’s net worth is not known.

As per salary.com, the average Correctional Officer salary in the United States is $46,530.

Tina Gonzalez Video on Reddit

Tina Gonzalez’s video from the court is kept private.

However, it has a major topic of discussion on Reddit.

The discussion is becoming even more hyped after her inappropriate behavior.

During the court hearing, Tina’s attorney said that the end of her marriage made her vulnerable.

Is She On Jail?

Tina Gonzalez is in jail.

She will spend 210 days in prison in California.

On May 1, 2020, she was arrested by Fresno County Sheriff Department.

The organization has accused her of providing a cell photo to an inmate. 

Moreover, they also discovered that Gonzalez had snuck alcohol and razor blades inside the bars.

Making things worst, she has been proved guilty of her actions which she performed in front of 11 other inmates.

Tina Gonzalez’s age is 26 years old as of June 2021. She might be out by mid-October.

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