Tina Hicks 13WMAZ Illness And Cause Of Death Revealed: How Did She Die?

Tina Hicks: 13WMAZ Anchor Cause Of Death Revealed

Tina Hicks: 13WMAZ Anchor Cause Of Death Revealed

It’s sad news for 13WMAZ that Tina Hicks is not more with us. She passed away on 22 December 2020. And the news was first confirmed by Monroe County Coroner Joey Proctor. 

Tina Hicks was the first African-American anchor to serve in the 13WMAZ. She worked for the news company for three decades, so she even is termed as a legend in the company.

Name Tina Hicks
Gender Female
Nationality American
Profession Anchor

10 Facts On Tina Hicks

  1. Tina Hicks passed away on Tuesday on 22 December 2020. And the news was first confirmed to Monroe County Coroner Joey Proctor. He got a call from the medical center around 11 p.m.
  2. How Did She Die? Tina’s reason behind the breath is yet not discovered. Also, there is no news of her illness that led her to death.
  3. How old was Tina Hicks? Tina’s date of birth and age remains a mystery. So, it is still a riddle at what age did she die.
  4. Professionally, she worked for 13WMAZ as an anchor for nearly 30 years. Finally, she took retirement in 1999.
  5. Tina had not planned to become a news anchor during the start of her career. She caught the attention of the general manager while she was performing on the radio. After then, 13WMAZ hired her as a co-host of Ebony Speaks.
  6. Other than anchoring, she was also involved in charity work. She worked in association with the Muscular Dystrophy Association on the MDA Telethon.
  7. Hicks was one of the long-serving anchors in the 13WMAZ. So, she indeed had earned a whopping salary and wealth from her job. However, she didn’t disclose the detail of her net worth even at her last breathe.
  8. Tina’s love life remains secretive. There is no news about her husband at the moment. Once we are sure about the fact, we’ll update it.
  9. Likewise, she never talked about her family in the media. So, it is still a questionable fact as to if she had parents and siblings.
  10. Tina was American by nationality, and her ethnicity was African American.

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